Filter Your Result

Bloomberg Law's Filters enable you to narrow your results by criteria that are specific to the content sets that you selected. 

About Bloomberg Law Filters
  1.  Accessible from the left side of the search results page.
  2. Provides content-specific filters that enable you to filter Dockets by Nature of Suit, EDGAR filings by Form Type, and Law Firm Research by Firm, as examples.
  3. You can filter Court Opinions by Court, Topic, Industry and Judge.
  4. Each filter pre-populates with the top five matches and includes the number of relevant hits based on your search.
  5. You can also Select More to explore or potentially select additional matching filters.
  6. Narrow your results by selecting multiple filter types. For Example:
    •  When you filter court opinions to a particular court, topic and judge, your results are only opinions from that court, with the chosen topic and judge.
    • When you select multiple entries under a single filter type, the selections expand the results. For instance, when searching court opinions, if you select two different courts your results will contain opinions from either of the courts.