Financial Instruments: Banking Regulator Concerned about Impacts Of FASBs Decisions on Investments in Equity Securities

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Nov. 13 — A banking regulator recently raised concerns that the Financial Accounting Standards Board's tentative decision to change current rules about investments in equity securities could trigger a scope inclusion of a number of smaller community banks into their regulatory capital rules, which was not their initial intent, FASB said.

The regulator fears that such an impact would in turn require all five banking regulators to jointly take action, such as amend their recently implemented regulatory capital rules, if they don't want all of these community banks to be subject to them, according to FASB's Nov. 12 discussions.

Recently, the market risk capital rule was finalized by all five of the banking regulators, and depending on their level of trading assets, a banking organization could fall within or outside the scope of the requirements.

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