Law Firm Analytics

In addition to search by company, Bloomberg Law’s Litigation Analytics enables users to search across law firms to view:


1. The companies a given law firm has represented in federal litigation


LF 1


2. The number of appearances by a law firm's attorneys


LF 2


3. The entirety of a law firm’s federal litigation portfolio by case type


LF 3


4. A jurisdictional breakdown of a law firm’s federal litigation


LF 4


5. A law firm’s federal litigation history


LF 5


Law Firm Analytics includes information for over 7,000 law firms.  Filters such as date, company, case type and jurisdiction further allow users to breakdown the data to help them identify insights and visualize legal trends for a given law firm.





1: Client Company

LF Target 1

LF Target 2


2: Attorney Representing Client

LF Target 3

LF Target 4


3: Client, Attorney and Case Type

LF Target 5


4: Client, Attorney, Case Type and Jurisdiction

LF Target 6


5: Client, Attorney, Case Type, Jurisdiction, and Litigation History

LF Target 7


Users can generate reports of law firm analytic data in PDF, Word, and Excel formats by clicking on the printer icon and selecting the charts and/or data they want to download.  

LF Print A

LF Print B


  • Bloomberg Law’s Law Firm Analytics is based on information from U.S. District Court and Court of Appeals dockets from 2007-forward, excluding criminal dockets and prisoner petitions.  Case type information is generated from the Nature of Suit codes assigned to the individual dockets. 
  • Law firm representation information includes representation information for companies in Bloomberg’s company database (over 70,000 public companies and 3.5 million private companies).  Representation information is not available for individuals or companies not in Bloomberg’s company database.  Where a law firm is listed on a docket as representing an individual or company not in Bloomberg’s company database, “N/A” will appear in the Company column on the dockets table.