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Bloomberg BNA’s Tax and Accounting Center is the most comprehensive resource for fast, efficient, and complete state tax research. Whether you conduct business in Georgia or any other state, Bloomberg BNA offers you the flexibility to choose the content and tools that work best for your organization. Purchase content for single or multiple states with our Individual State Tax Suites.


State Tax Navigators provide customizable and comprehensive Florida-specific analysis covering corporate income tax, individual income tax, sales and use tax, property tax, excise tax, estates, gifts, and trusts tax.

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The Florida Tax Suite contains several helpful tools, including Chart Builders, State Tax Development Tracker, Tax Client Letters, and advanced search options — all to simplify your tax research.


Practice Tools
  • Compare States button allows you to run quick comparisons of specific topics across all the jurisdictions in your subscription.
  • Chart Builders enable you to streamline your research with the ability to specify state tax topics and to create a custom chart that can be edited, saved, and exported to Excel.
    • 50 State Overview Chart Builder (Optional) allows you to quickly and easily create a chart to review selected state tax topics across all 50 states, plus Washington, D.C., and New York City.  
    • IRC Conformity Chart Builder enables you to understand whether states conform — or do not conform — to the Internal Revenue Code’s treatment of a particular tax topic, with the ability to cro ss reference to applicable statutes and state tax navigators for more information.  
  • State Tax Client Letters and other sample documents organized by tax type increase your productivity.
  • Advanced Search options to simplify your state tax research.
News Feeds
  • State Tax Developments Tracker keeps you updated on the latest state tax news and developments. Filter by jurisdiction, topic, type of tax, and date range to easily track the developments that are most relevant to you. The Tracker also offers a customized email alerting feature that enables you to set up your email notifications by preferred topic, jurisdiction, and/or type of tax. Coverage includes:
    • Allocation and apportionment
    • I.R.C. conformity
    • Credits and incentives
    • Exemptions
Primary Sources
  • Full text of state-specific statutes, regulations, administrative decisions, bulletins, rulings, instructions, and state Supreme Court and lower court cases.


Standards and Regulations
  • The Florida Department of Revenue proposed changes on the Property Tax Oversight Program.
  • Special Provisions Applicable to Compromise of Estate Taxes amended. 
  • Extension of the Holmes County Discretionary 1 Percent Rate on sales surtax.
  • Release of the specific county surtax rate changes.
  • Proposed amendments to the corporate income tax.




William Townsend 

Mr. Townsend is a graduate of Florida State University (B.A. 1969) and received his law degree from the University of Florida (J.D. 1971). Mr. Townsend is presently a member of Steel, Hector, and Davis, International. Prior to joining Steel, Hector, and Davis, Mr. Townsend was a partner at Holland & Knight LLP at the firm's Tallahassee office. Mr. Townsend previously served from 1984-1989 as General Counsel to the Florida Department of Revenue. Mr. Townsend also served as an Assistant Attorney General for the State of Florida from 1977-1980.Mr. Townsend is a member of The Florida Bar and since 1989 has served on the Executive Council of the Tax Section. Mr. Townsend also serves on the Long Range Planning Committee of The Florida Bar. He handles state and local tax cases in all Florida administrative agencies and in all Florida courts, federal courts, courts in other states, and in the United States Supreme Court.