SESSION RECAP: The Future of the Circular Economy
November 11, 2015

Welcome Remarks

  • Tom Miller, Diplomatic and Global Business Lead, Bloomberg BNA

Opening Remarks

  • Peter Grauer, Chairman, Board Member, Bloomberg LP


VIP Interview: Growth of the Circular Economy: The Next Business Revolution

  • Peter Lacy, Global Managing Director, Sustainability Services, Accenture Strategy
  • Interviewed by: Jen Rossa, Editor, Bloomberg Briefs


Sharing Platforms and the Emergence of the New Consumer
In developed economies, up to 80 percent of the things stored in a typical home are used only once a month. The Sharing Platform model – increasingly assisted by new forms of digital technology –forges new relationships and business opportunities for consumers, companies and micro-entrepreneurs, who rent, share, swap or lend their idle goods. Fewer resources go into making products that are infrequently used, and consumers have a new way to both make and save money.


  • Josh Wright, U.S. Economist, Bloomberg Intelligence


  • Jon Lieber, Chief Economist, Thumbtack
  • Artie Minson, President and Chief Operating Officer, WeWork
  • Pravin Verizani, Partner, Menlo Ventures

Case Studies from Circular Economy Pioneers

Companies seeking the circular advantage will be required to develop new business models that are free from the constraints of linear zero-sum thinking. These business models enable companies to enhance differentiation, reduce cost to serve and own, create new revenue and reduce risk, while minimizing impact on the rules of resource supply and demand. We’ll hear examples of companies leading the way, generating resource productivity improvements in innovative and sustainable ways.


  • Nic Eisenberger, Managing Partner, Pure Energy Partners


  • David Lear, Executive Director for Corporate Sustainability, Dell
  • Eben Bayer, Founder and CEO, Ecovative
  • Robert Niven, Founder and CEO, CarbonCure

VIP Interview: Digital Disruption: Threat or Opportunity for Sustainable Value Creation?

  • Jonathan Coleman, Ph.D., Sustainability and Advanced Technology Manager, Ford Motor Company
  • William M. Sisson, Sr. Director, Sustainability and REACH, United Technologies Research Center
  • Interviewed by: Christopher Walker, Director, North America, World Business Council for Sustainable Development

The Upside Potential in a Low-Carbon Economy

Smart companies are recognizing the benefits of the low-carbon economy and no longer view sustainability as an exercise to just reduce operational and/or reputational risk. The leaders are diversifying their energy supply at lower costs, developing more energy-smart technologies and opening up new markets. Hear from the companies that are’ leading from the front’ and positioning their companies to capture the opportunities.


  • Tom Randall, Deputy Editor, Sustainability, Bloomberg News


  • Steven Grin, Managing Partner, Emergo Partners
  • Jeff Perlman, President and Founder, Bright Power
  • Andrew Winston, Author, The Big Pivot

Financing Sustainable Businesses: ESG, Green Bonds and Other Financial Innovations

Interest in financing sustainability-driven innovation is growing. Investors have also begun to recognize intangible and extra-financial factors, such as ESG, as value drivers (or destroyers). New vehicles and mechanisms are emerging, such as green and social bonds, sustainable solutions funds and carbon-linked notes, to pave the way for a low carbon future.


  • Lenora Suki, Head of Sustainable Finance Product Strategy, Bloomberg LP


  • Ira Ehrenpreis, Managing Partner, DBL Partners
  • Phil Graves, Director of Corporate Development, Patagonia
  • Kyung-Ah Park, Managing Director and Head of Environmental Markets, Goldman Sachs

VIP Interview: Leadership and Board Priorities in a Circular World

  • Robin Chase, Founder, Zipcar
  • Interviewed by: Peggy Collins, Sustainable Finance Editor, Bloomberg News