Israel: Gender-Based Wage Gap Grows in Israel, Reversing Trend

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By Jenny David

Nov. 4— The gap between men's and women's salaries in Israel widened in 2014, reversing the trend of recent years, the Central Bureau of Statistics reported Oct. 19. Women earned an average gross monthly wage of 7,489 shekels ($1,900) in 2014, 67 percent of the average male wage of 11,114 shekels. In 2013, the average salary for a woman was 68 percent of a man's.

Part of the gap in monthly earnings is due to the longer hours men work, the statistics show. Men work 45.2 hours per week on average, while women work an average of 36.7 hours. Even on an hourly basis, however, men earn more—58.3 shekels per hour compared to women's 48.8 shekels per hour—a 16 percent gap.

The wage gap between Jews and Arabs also remained high in 2014, particularly among the higher educated, the CBS report said. Jews earned an average of 9,775 shekels a month in 2014, compared to the Arab average of 6,571 shekels.

Gross income is highest for those aged 45-54, who average 12,021 shekels per month. By sector, the highest monthly wages are paid in information and technology companies at a monthly average of 16,043 shekels.

Israel's median monthly salary rose by 1.5 percent in 2014 to 6,707 shekels, the report said.

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