Germany Updates Industry Specific Minimum Wages

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By Molly Ward

Jan. 30—Several industry specific minimum wages in Germany are in effect for 2015, according to an update on the Federal Statistical Office of Germany website. Germany also implemented the first nationwide minimum wage of 8.50 euros ($9.61) an hour which went into effect Jan. 1, 2015.

Industry-specific minimum wages generally are higher than the new general minimum wage and include differences between the eastern and western parts of Germany due to different costs of living and purchasing power. A few key industries which previously agreed upon industry minimum wages under 8.50 euros ($9.61) will have until 2017 to transition to the new national minimum wage.

Notable industry specific minimum wage changes for 2015 include:


• indoor and entertainment cleaning: increases to 9.55 euros ($10.80) from 9.31 euros ($10.53);

• care sector: increases to 9.40 euros ($10.63) from 9.00 euros ($10.18);

• agriculture, forestry and horticulture: 7.40 euros ($8.37) in West Berlin and 7.20 euros ($8.12) in East Berlin; and

• textile and clothing industry: 8.50 euros ($9.61) in West Berlin and 7.50 euros ($8.48) in East Berlin.


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