Global Auditing Benchmark Report 2016

Global EHS Auditing Benchmark Report 2016 is a comprehensive environmental, health and safety auditing survey. Presented by Bloomberg BNA & ENHESA, in association with The Auditing Roundtable, the report addresses how organizations structure and carry out their global EHS auditing programs, and provides a big picture overview of the global EHS auditing environment and current audit department operating standards. 


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The survey-based report contains a wealth of insightful, in-depth research, analysis, and perspective on critical EHS auditing topics, including:

  • Global auditing practices 
  • Scope of coverage 
  • Staffing 
  • Scheduling 
  • Confidentiality 
  • Conformance tracking and procedures
  • Best practices 
  • Expenditures and budgeting
  • Corporate structure 
  • Reporting techniques
  • Use of software and third party tools

This survey of EHS professionals and their departments provides the most comprehensive information and perspective on the EHS auditing function. Working closely with representatives from ENHESA, Bloomberg BNA surveyed critical issues in global EHS auditing, including audit tools, frequency, department activities and programs, measures of success, staff levels, budgets, and expenditures. The full report provides a comprehensive review of the survey results, including over 100 visual graphs and charts illustrating the findings.

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