Global Employee Privacy and Data Security Law, Second Edition

For privacy and human resources professionals and attorneys, this essential guide covers workplace privacy and data security laws around the globe. It covers issues including: background checks, monitoring, use of government-issued identifiers, security breach notification requirements, and more.

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Analyzing the complexities of privacy and data security laws around the globe and providing a global context and perspective on international privacy and data security obligations for employers

In today’s global market, employers share and move more information than ever before as they centralize human resources processes to achieve greater efficiency and cost cutting. For employers operating on a global scale and the attorneys advising them, the complications are, as a result, all the more problematic. Over 65 countries now have their own data protection laws regulating the collection, use, transfer, and disclosure of personal information. The complex and sometimes conflicting obligations imposed by these different laws have made compliance a struggle for companies operating in more than one country. 

Employers who fail to satisfactorily address workplace privacy and data security issues can find themselves precluded from legally sharing information with affiliated entities, subjected to fines and scrutiny by data protection regulators, and becoming the object of negative publicity. How does an organization begin to find a solution to the balancing act of complying with the myriad of international data protection laws and still running a business cost-effectively? 

With the updated Second Edition of BNA Books’ Global Employee Privacy and Data Security Law, employers can successfully navigate the waters of international data security law. This treatise is designed specifically to help privacy professionals, human resources professionals, and attorneys understand international workplace privacy and data security laws and their relation to U.S. law and to help ensure compliance with all requirements. 

Important topics covered in Global Employee Privacy and Data Security Law, Second Edition include:

  • Background Checks and Investigations. When employers expand operations into different countries, background checks and investigations likely will be the first topic they encounter. This treatise covers background check and investigation regulations in a number of different countries throughout the Americas, Europe, and Asia.
  • Monitoring and Surveillance. Restrictions on electronic monitoring in the workplace are becoming increasingly complex, and this treatise provides an overview of the current legal landscape and explores the tension between monitoring that is possible and monitoring that is permitted.
  • Use of Government Identifiers and Social Security Numbers. Government-issued identification numbers are becoming an increasingly hot topic, particularly in the United States where restrictions on the use of Social Security numbers are expanding. This book covers this topic in great detail.
  • Security Breach Notification Requirements. A growing number of countries are adopting security breach notification laws. This treatise explains which notification obligations may be triggered by a breach of employees’ personal information.
  • Data Security. Laws and regulations are increasingly focusing on data security and the steps organizations need to take to prevent unauthorized access and acquisition of personal information. Taking appropriate steps with employees to safeguard personal information is essential for every organization and this treatise helps employers ensure compliance. 

For a complete list of topics covered in the Second Edition, refer to the “Summary of Contents” under the "More Information" tab.  

This book is designed to be used with Morrison & Foerster’s “Privacy Library,” a free resource available at that provides links to privacy laws, regulations, reports, multilateral agreements, and government offices for virtually every country in the world with data protection rules and regulations. It also includes client alerts and articles on privacy topics.  


Bloomberg BNA authors and editors are practicing professionals with insider perspectives and real-life experience. Learn more about this book’s authors and editors.
Miriam H. Wugmeister is a partner in the New York office of Morrison & Foerster and is head of the Firm’s Privacy and Data Security Practice Group. 

Christine E. Lyon, is a partner in the New York office of Morrison & Foerster and is head of the Firm’s Privacy and Data Security Practice Group. 


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eBook Available for Download


The eBook is available for download to the iPhone®, iPad®, or iPod® touch with iBooks and on the computer with iTunes.



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Global Employee Privacy and Data Security Law, Second Edition is comprehensive and practical, an essential desk reference for lawyers dealing with U.S. and international employee privacy and data security issues. It’s the next best thing to having outside employment privacy counsel sitting across the desk from you. Wugmeister and Lyon have created a quintessential guide for those seeking succinct analysis in an easy-to-read and solution-oriented format.

Vincent Serpico

Chief Privacy Counsel, Bank of America

…a good overview of the global privacy and data security laws that a company must be prepared to comply with when it goes global. The material provides an excellent starting point for those who want to become well versed in U.S. and international laws regarding privacy and data security.



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