Grievance Guide, Fourteenth Edition

This unique reference explores the precedents and guidelines that neutrals use to address management-employee disputes. It summarizes thousands of real-life arbitration awards, highlighting the important factors in rulings. The Guide covers electronic communications and social media, discipline and discharge, employee misconduct, absenteeism, and more.

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Practical guidance for tracking patterns in grievance arbitration.

Learn how to effectively resolve management-employee disputes—at the settlement stage and during arbitration—in this indispensable reference book.

Substantially reorganized and streamlined, the updated Fourteenth Edition of the Grievance Guide focuses on the grievances prevalent in today’s workforce. Organized into an easy-to-use, topical format covering more than 50 common areas of grievance, the Guide provides summaries of arbitrators’ rulings to illustrate the factors that arbitrators consider when ruling on management-employee disputes. It is an indispensable aid for anticipating likely outcomes. 

The Guide’s highlights include:

  • Drug Abuse, including a new section on marijuana for medical use
  • Tardiness
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Electronic Communications and Technology

It also covers off-duty misconduct, drug testing, horseplay, discharge and discipline, leave of absence, promotions, vacations, union rights, checkoff, health and welfare benefits, and more.

Concise overviews of each topic covered in the Guide, together with citations to the full text of the arbitration cases, combine to help advocates understand how to properly handle numerous types of grievable issues.

The Guide analyzes significant arbitrator awards published by Bloomberg Law's Labor Arbitration and Dispute Settlements, available in print as part of our Labor Relations Reporter service and online on Bloomberg Law and as part of Bloomberg Law’s Labor and Employment Law Resource Center.


  • Discipline and Discharge: In General
  • Discipline and Discharge: Categories
  • Layoff Issues
  • Disability Issues
  • Leave
  • Hiring, Transfer & Promotion
  • Wages & Hours
  • Union & Management Rights
  • Strikes & Lockouts
  • Health Care Benefits
  • Vacations
  • Subcontracting and Outsourcing


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Karen L. Ertel is Director of Bloomberg Law’s Labor, Employment, Benefits, and HR News Desk, Arlington, VA.


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