Guide to Paid Leave Practices 2014

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Guide to Paid Leave Practices

This report summarizes the results of a comprehensive Bloomberg BNA survey of human resource professionals and their organizations’ policies and practices on paid leave for their employees. Guide to Paid Leave Practices will help you understand industry trends in paid time off (PTO).

Results of this Bloomberg BNA survey are based on the e-mail responses of 338 HR representatives from various industry sectors throughout the United States to a wide-ranging survey on leave practices administered in 2013.


The survey asked HR participants about what kind of system their organization offers—whether it is a separate, traditional leave program that provides specific amounts of paid leave for particular reasons or whether they offer their employees a comprehensive paid time off (PTO) system that includes a set amount of leave for whatever purpose the employee chooses.GuidetoPaidLeaveCover


In addition to questions designed to determine the prevalence of PTO systems in relation to more traditional leave programs, the survey asked respondents detailed questions about six specific types of paid leave programs offered by many employers: 

  • sick leave,
  • annual/vacation leave,
  • personal leave,
  • jury duty leave,
  • military leave and
  • bereavement/funeral leave.

Participants were asked about the amount of leave given for each leave type, as well as how that leave is credited to employees. The survey also queried HR representatives about whether their leave plans have minimum length of service requirements before employees become eligible, whether there are requirements that a minimum increment of leave must be taken at one time, whether part-time employees are eligible to participate and many other details of the specific plans.

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