Gun Rights Summit First Outing for Trump, McConnell

Let’s say you’re in a new relationship, and, to your surprise, things are going better—and moving faster—than maybe you expected. While you find your temperaments are at odds, you and your friend have shared interests, similar goals and many mutual friends. 

So, the question naturally arises: How long do you wait before you take your new flame out of town? In other words, when do you hit the road together?

It may seem fast, but if you’re Mitch McConnell, one week after meeting may make perfect sense, especially if it gives you the chance to introduce your new partner Donald Trump to friends and family.

The derby is over, but there’s still a lot going on in Louisville, Ky. this spring, so why not meet up there? And wouldn’t you know, the National Rifle Association just happens to have its annual meeting in town, and it wants both of you—as well as Paul Ryan—over on May 20 to talk about threats to Second Amendment rights and the need to keep the Merrick Garland nomination on ice.

Donald Trump speaks at an NRA event

You can take another Friday off—the Senate staff will thank you—because you don’t want to miss the meeting of the NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action. Ted Cruz’s face has dropped off the speaker’s list, but you, Donald and Paul are confirmed.

And after that, who knows? Maybe you can swing by a special session or two, like, “Survival Mindset: Are You Prepared?” Or maybe it would be more fun just to hit the air gun range together. Just remember to stop humming that dated song “This Could Be the Start of Something Big” when you show up at the NRA Country Jam. This is Toby Keith territory!