Headnotes & Classification Outlines

Bloomberg BNA Headnotes are available on editorially-selected cases and administrative decisions within the intellectual property, labor, employment, health, trade, environmental and communications practice areas. 
Bloomberg BNA Classification Outlines-created and indexed by Bloomberg BNA's subject-matter specialists-organize areas of law by topic. Search or browse over classification outlines to find relevant headnotes and their related cases by topic, keyword or classification number.   
Bloomberg BNA analyst-editors use their expertise within specific practice areas to determine what the most important cases are and write headnotes that analyze the rulings in each case, rather than just black letter law.     

How To Access Bloomberg BNA Headnotes
  1. From an opinion or decision, use the View/Hide Headnotes button, or
  2. From the Bloomberg Law menu, click Litigation & Dockets and select BNA Outlines & Headnotes.
  3. This loads the Bloomberg BNA Headnotes & Classification Outline topics which you can select and explore.
How to Search the Contents of a Classification Outline Topic
  1. Load a Classification Outline by clicking on its name.
  2. Click the + to expand a topic.
  3. Mouse-over a secondary topic and click Search when it appears.
  4. Input a Search term and click Search.
Searching for BNA Headnotes Using Classification Outlines
  1. Load a Classification Outline by clicking on its name.
  2. Click the + icon to expand a topic.
  3. Click the Topic number. The results page populates with headnotes and cases that relate to the topic you chose.
  • Bloomberg BNA Headnotes may be found on specific court opinions and agency decisions. They are easily identifiable in search results because decisions with headnotes include the BNA icon.
  • The headnotes are assembled by topic into the practice area-specific Bloomberg BNA Classification Outlines, which can be searched and browsed