Heeere’s Harley: Pence Puppy Makes Rounds While Trump Remains Dogless

President Trump’s ``go it alone” approach at the White House isn’t sitting well with many—including pet owners frustrated with the chief executive’s failure so far to welcome a dog into the First Family.

Some six months after taking office Trump continues to travel solo, rejecting President Harry Truman’s famous advice to ``get a dog’’ if you want a friend in Washington.

But while Trump hasn’t adopted a pet, Vice President Mike Pence is getting his ducks—or rather dogs, cats, and bunnies—in a row.


Pence with puppy

Pence has been crossing the country this summer with a puppy in tow. As he promotes the president’s tax and health care agenda Pence is introducing the public to ``Harley,” an Australian shepherd.

Pence told a manufacturing group that he accepted the puppy as a Father’s Day gift and settled on the name after his family rejected his earlier request for a motorcycle.

But that’s not all: Pence and his family recently said they welcomed a new grey kitten named Hazel after their cat Oreo died. The vice president’s family also has a cat named Pickle and a rabbit named Marlon Bundo.

Marlon Bundo, better known as BOTUS (Bunny of the United States), already has his own Instagram page where Harley and the rest of the Pence family’s pets are featured. The bunny has 14,700 followers.

The Pence bunny also has a Twitter account @realMarlonBundo where he regularly ``retweets” communiques about the vice president’s activities, including this month’s trip to South America. He also is conveying news and observations about presidential pets, domestic and international.