Hello, Adele.com, It’s Me! (Wait, No! That’s Somebody Else!)


Rumour has it that Adele fans attempting to purchase tickets from Adele.com for her 2016 European tour in support of her “25” album were feeling like setting fire to the rain after their information was accidentally shared with the wrong people.

Fans reported that after waiting over an hour to buy tickets, they were sent to a check-out screen with other peoples’ names, addresses and credit card numbers. Others reported that, while other people’s names and addresses were already filled in, credit card information was still blank

The ticket sales were handled by the ticketing company Songkick, which blamed the problem on high traffic volume on the website.

“Due to extreme load experienced this morning, some of our customers were incorrectly able to preview limited account information belonging to other customers,” it said. It assured customers that nobody was ever able to see payment information, because that isn’t retained.

A security consultant interviewed by the BBC, however, said that it sounded more like the website’s code had been written insecurely, because this sort of thing shouldn’t happen simply due to abnormally high traffic volume.

Bless their soul, but they probably regret storing personal information in the cloud.  Let’s hope there’s no skyfall of personal data from the cloud.

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