Hill Roundtable: Another Big Week for Health Care

Health care will be the all-consuming issue on Capitol Hill as the Senate looks to vote on legislation later this week.

Tax reporters Colleen Murphy, Laura Davison, and our tax reporting intern Jason Mast talked with host Matthew Beddingfield on the latest episode of Talking Tax about the challenges facing Republicans as they prepare for a vote.

House Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) is signaling he wants to vote on the bill in the next several days, but several moderate and conservative Republicans say they can’t support the legislation. The bill repeals the taxes that fund the Affordable Care Act, and provides less in tax credits for insured people. Moderates want more generous tax credits and less Medicaid rollback—areas where conservatives, on the other hand, say the bill doesn’t go far enough to repeal the ACA.

This predicament was expected. Republicans in the House faced the same dynamic when they voted on the bill in the spring. Leaders pulled the package from the floor in March and negotiated for weeks before passing the measure in May.

Over the next few days Senate leadership will be looking to make deals that get at least 50 Republicans on board. Passing the legislation this week would be a win for the GOP and—assuming House and Senate reconcile their versions successfully--would clear the decks for the heavy lifting on tax reform to begin.