Hill Roundtable: Tax Reform Effort Faces Renewed Challenges

Republican leaders haven’t yet revealed details of a tax plan—but broad strokes could come any day now that Congress is back in session.

The Senate Finance Committee has scheduled a Sept. 14 hearing, the first in what is to be a series of tax reform sessions seen as important for gauging interest from members and the public in overhaul proposals. The House, Senate, and White House are pre-negotiating the outline of a bill, and the tax-writing committees are expected to fill in the details.

In this edition of the Hill Roundtable podcast, Capitol Hill reporters Laura Davison and Colleen Murphy walk through the challenges to a tax bill—and the increasing demand for Republican leadership to release one.

Members of the House Freedom Caucus have said they can’t back a fiscal year 2018 budget resolution without seeing more information about a plan, because the resolution is the vehicle that will move tax reform forward. But lack of a budget resolution is one of the main barriers holding back tax reform—and Republicans have less than 50 days left in session this year to move forward on their biggest policy goal.