Hill Roundtable: Tax Reform Crunch Time is Upon Us

The House is out this week and the Senate is in. But in front of the camera and behind the scenes, work on tax reform continues.

The Senate Finance Committee is to hold its second tax reform hearing Sept. 19, this time on the business side of the code. We’ll be listening for what ideas the senators have in common with the House, and where they differ. On the House side, staffers will be busy preparing a tax framework that is set to come out the week of Sept. 25.

In this edition of the Hill Roundtable podcast, Capitol Hill reporters Laura Davison and Colleen Murphy walk through the tight timeline to get a tax reform bill through Congress in 2017.

Lawmakers will need to hurry through the tax reform process if they want to pass a bill this year. The next few weeks are crunch time for lawmakers and their staffs to come to consensus and get a bill released. Leaders in the House are hoping the tax framework at the end of the month will generate enough support to get a budget resolution passed. Without that, tax reform--already a difficult exercise--would get a whole lot harder.