Holiday Leave Practices 2013

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Holiday Leave Practices 2013 assesses the prevalence of paid holidays in the U.S. workplace. Bloomberg BNA asked a panel of human resource professionals and managers about their organizations’ policies. Although Bloomberg BNA previously has conducted individual surveys concerning certain holidays, this is the first such survey to focus on all paid holidays in a given year.
This report is based on the responses of 501 HR professionals from organizations throughout the United States. The panel consisted of a wide variety of organizations in all three broad industry categories (manufacturing, nonmanufacturing, and non-business). The panel includes manufacturers of various types, construction firms, wholesale and retail trade, communications and publishing, business services, information technology, education services, entertainment, professional services, finance, health care, social services, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies (local, state, and federal).

Survey findings reflect how pervasive paid holidays have become in the U.S. workplace of 2013. Virtually all employers (98 percent) give their employees at least one paid holiday off during the year, the survey found. Additionally, the survey identified other trends, including which holidays are the most prevalent among surveyed employers, the average number of paid holidays provided, the prevalence of floating holidays, and what practices are in place for employers that require employees to work on a holiday.