House Blocks Compromise on Payroll Tax as Obama Balks at Conference

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House Republicans vote 229-193 to send their payroll tax cut extension bill (H.R. 3630) to a conference committee rather than accept the two-month compromise passed by the Senate. While Senate Democrats say the move will doom the bill, House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Camp says there is still time for the Senate to return and begin negotiating with the House before the 2 percentage point payroll tax cut expires Dec. 31. Senate Majority Leader Reid, however, says he has no intention of reopening negotiations on the payroll tax bill and House Minority Leader Pelosi says she will refuse to appoint House conferees for the bill. More » … President Obama rejects a House Republican proposal to appoint conferees to their payroll tax bill and urges them instead to bring up the Senate compromise for a vote in the House.

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