House Republicans Seen Pulling Camp Toward More Extensive Tax Code Make-Over

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The top Republican tax writer in Congress is being pulled toward a more extensive rewrite of the U.S. code, with about half his party's members in the House backing proposals to rip up the rules.


More than 100 House Republicans have supported proposals to end the income tax, halt audits for six months, and terminate the entire code in 2018 to force Congress to create a simpler system. Sixty-eight of them favor what they call a "fairtax," replacing the income, payroll and estate levies with a national sales tax. Dozens back estate-tax repeal proposals. A flat-tax bill has 10 Republicans on board.


Rank-and-file Republicans' support for bold changes may move Rep. Dave Camp (Mich.), the party's top tax writer, in their direction, even as he tries in coming months to draft a plan that could attract some Democratic support Camp must try to satisfy Republicans eager for a major shakeup while leaving a path to a bipartisan agreement with the Democratic-controlled Senate and President Obama.


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