Houston Being Urged to Leave the Car Home, Take Lunch to Work

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By Brian K. Sullivan

The air will be so bad in Houston and Galveston on April 27 residents are being urged to leave their cars home and bring their lunches to work, the National Weather Service said.

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality has declared April 27 an “ozone action day.” Breathing will be hard, some people could experience pain with deep breaths and those with asthma could find their condition aggravated, according to the commission’s website.

Ground-level ozone is caused when bright sunlight creates a chemical reaction between nitrogen oxides and volatile organic compounds.

Vehicle exhaust, industrial emissions, gasoline vapors, and chemical solvents all serve up those ingredients to get the process started and are all pretty common in the Houston area.

Excessive ozone exposure can lead to decreased lung function.

Thus why officials don’t want you driving around looking for lunch.

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