HR Auditing Benchmark Report 2014

Bloomberg BNA’s HR Auditing Benchmark Report 2014 helps organizations determine if they should be auditing their HR function and then how to create a baseline from which they can measure their performance and develop techniques and tools to improve their overall performance. 


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The last five years has seen significant change in the nature and purpose of HR auditing. No longer a simple checklist of ‘‘yes’’ or ‘‘no’’ questions, HR audits have become part of a comprehensive, sustainable process that seeks to identify and measure the organization’s success at:

  • Identifying and assessing how human capital affects the strategic and operational aspects of the organization.
  • Determining how the organization’s human capital impacts the management and use of its internal controls, due diligence, and risk management activities.
  • Ascertaining how human capital contributes to the weaknesses and strengths of the organization.

Increasingly, HR audits have become an assessment of the HR function — its contributions, weaknesses, and risks — rather than an assessment conducted by HR.

As a result, the HR audit is becoming a formal process that assesses the changes in HR’s role and activities, discusses the external and internal forces affecting the management and use of HR resources, and provides information about current and potential risks.

The HR Auditing Benchmark Report 2014 will help you through the increasingly important and complex HR auditing process.

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