Hundreds of Congressional Inquiries Flood EPA

EPA interactions with Congress

Criticism about the Environmental Protection Agency's slow pace of responding to congressional inquiries has been unwavering throughout the 114th Congress, but information provided to Bloomberg BNA shows what the small team of agency staff tasked with handling the requests is up against.

In 2015 alone, Congress sent the EPA 884 letters seeking a response, 60 separate document requests and received back more than 276,000 pages of documents, the information shows.

Republicans in Congress and others who served at EPA in prior administrations say the requests are not unusual and an essential part of conducting vigorous oversight of what opponents describe as a rogue agency. But agency defenders say the inquiries have gotten broader and hamper its ability to protect human health and the environment.

Bloomberg BNA reporter Anthony Adragna reports for subscribers in Hundreds of Congressional Inquiries Flood EPA.