ICANN Turning From Transition Planning to Other Policy Issues in 2016

ICANN screen

If unlawful activity – such as copyright infringement – is occurring on a Web site, what’s an Internet domain name registrar to do?

Figuring out an answer to that question tops the list of stuff the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers is expected to tackle in the new year.

ICANN has more time to focus on such issues, now that that two years of government oversight planning for operating without direct U.S. government oversight is behind it, according to Bloomberg BNA’s 2016 Outlook. Look for the domain name industry and major corporate intellectual property interests participating in ICANN to work on solutions for other ongoing policy issues as well, including continuing to enhance ICANN’s accountability and planning for future expansions of the domain name space.

The organization will also experience change at the top as CEO Fadi Chehadé will be stepping down in March. ICANN is still searching for its next leader.

Those questions, as well as figuring out when and how new top-level Internet domains will become available again, are on ICANN’s agenda for what promises to be a busy 2016.

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