Influential International Privacy Leaders Group Welcomes New Members


The International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners (ICDPPC) has added five new members and one new observer.

The ICDPPC has been holding meetings for government privacy and data protection regulators for 39 years and has accumulated over 110 privacy regulators from over 70 countries. The ICDPPC passed a resolution announcing the accreditation of five more members from five countries at the Sept. 26-29, 2017 annual conference in Hong Kong.

The newly accredited members are: (i) Belgium’s Supervisory Body for Police Information Management; (ii) Japan’s Personal Information Protection Commission; (iii) Montenegro’s Agency for Personal Data Protection and Free Access to Information; (iv) South Africa’s Information Regulator; and (v) Turkey’s Personal Data Protection Authority. South Korea submitted a late application, so the group just granted the country observer status.

Full members have voting rights on conference resolutions, while observers don't.

At the Hong Kong meeting, the group passed resolutions on connected car data protection, cooperation between data protection authorities and consumer protection authorities, and exploring options for future international enforcement cooperation.

There are multiple members from some countries such as Germany, Canada, Spain, and Mexico, where state data protection authorities have also joined. All new members this year are the first ICDPPC representatives for their countries.

The 40th annual ICDPPC will take place in Brussels next fall.

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