Inspiring Innovation: Deep Tech Forum

Deep tech is quickly emerging as a prolific market disruptor and enabler. Bloomberg Government’s Inspiring Innovation Forum turns its attention to this growing field to explore what’s driving its growth, what opportunities and risks exist, and what policies will support its ongoing evolution.

When scientific progress, including advancements in AI, quantum computing, and machine learning are patented and applied to real world problems, deep tech is born. This emerging field is tackling problems once thought to be “too big to solve.”
Startups through multinationals across the globe are taking note and incorporating deep tech into their business plans to move the needle on quantum computing, additive manufacturing, life science discovery, smart home technology, energy storage and much more.

Business leaders are invited to attend the Inspiring Innovation: Deep Tech Forum on October 11, where together with financial services leaders, international policymakers, venture capitalists, and entrepreneurs, Bloomberg Government will explore the rise of deep technology. 

Sponsored by Switzerland Global Enterprise, the Inspiring Innovation: Deep Tech Forum will discuss what constitutes ‘deep tech,’ how this emerging field is expected to evolve, the most desirable regulatory environments for growth and profit, and what it will take to emerge as a global leader in this new and exciting market space.


Event Details

Date and Time:

October 11, 2018
3:30 PM - 6:00 PM 
Networking Reception to Follow


Bloomberg, L.P.
120 Park Avenue
New York, NY


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  • Thomas Miller, Diplomatic and Global Business Lead, Bloomberg Next

4:05 PM           Sponsor Spotlight: TELL AWARDS PRESENTATION

The Swiss Confederation recognizes three American companies that have established an international headquarters in Switzerland: Axalta Coating Systems, Burger King Corporation, and Coty Inc. Earlier in the day these companies were presented with the annual Tell Award, named for the Swiss folk hero William Tell.

  • Daniel Bangser, Director of Investment Promotion USA, Switzerland Global Enterprise
  • Giorgio Pompilio, Acting Consul General of Switzerland in New York
  • Patrik Wermelinger, Head of Investment Promotion, Switzerland Global Enterprise


Deep technology requires unique talent-bases, a mix of entrepreneurship and established corporate founders, and a public policy environment that support such high-risk, high reward opportunities. During this panel, speakers will explore the factors that yield success for these business models, how the industry is likely to evolve, and the structures that provide greater returns on investment.

  • Nicolas Bürer, Managing Director, Digital Switzerland
  • Clémence Franc, Co-founder & CEO NovaGray
  • Dr. Daniel Schaufelberger, Director, Portfolio Management, Johnson & Johnson

Moderated by: Danil Kerimi, Head of Information Technology and Electronics Industries, World Economic Forum


Deep technology is tackling problems once thought to be “too big to solve,” and investors are taking note of new potential returns that could be too big to ignore.

We’ll discuss the deep tech investment landscape and what aspects of this emerging field are the most exciting with investors who are working in the market space now, as well as what risks they foresee as the field of deep tech continues to grow.

  • Swati Chaturvedi, Co-founder & CEO, Propel(x)
  • Mark Danchak, Managing Director, WorldQuant Ventures LLC

Moderated by: Anurag Rana, Sector Head and Senior Analyst, Bloomberg Intelligence


Join us as we explore the field of deep technology as it relates to the current state of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Our discussion will address what AI is capable of now, as well this technology’s potential to facilitate real social good.

Artificial Intelligence is defined by the algorithms that researchers and developers use to create it. Due to the nature of this technology, it is important that we wire AI to be trustworthy, so that businesses can confidently deploy this technology into the real world.

We’ll address what risks and opportunities exist as this technology develops further, and what the future of this market space looks like.

  • Dr. Aleksandra (Saška) Mojsilović, Fellow & Head of AI Foundations Department, Co-Director Science for Social Good, Research AI, IBM

Moderated by: Jeff Muskus, Senior Technology Editor, Bloomberg Businessweek  

6:00 PM           CLOSING REMARKS

  • Giorgio Pompilio, Acting Consul General of Switzerland in New York



Networking reception to follow.


  • Bangser
    Daniel Bangser, Director of Investment Promotion USA, Switzerland Global Enterprise

    Daniel Bangser joined the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs in 2005 and currently serves in the US as Director of Investment Promotion and Trade Commissioner. Daniel has advised many American companies considering a presence in Switzerland, as well as Swiss companies on matters of exporting or expanding to the United States. Prior to 2005, Daniel worked primarily in the industrial manufacturing industry, serving in various management roles and working globally to develop distribution. Daniel is also Chairman of ‘The Foreign Trade Commissioners Association in New York’, an alliance of the trade and investment offices of more than 100 foreign countries and regions. Daniel holds a B.A. in Economics from Tufts University.  

  • burer
    Nicolas Bürer, Managing Director, Digital Switzerland

    Nicolas Bürer, studied Physics at the École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), Switzerland. After several years in management consulting and young startups, he then went on to co-found MOVU, of which he still is Chairman. Movu has been acquired through a Swiss insurance Group in 2017. Since October 2016, Nicolas Bürer is Managing Director at digitalswitzerland. Nicolas is one of the 100 „2018 Who is Who“ of the Swiss Economy and has been awarded as 2018 „Swiss Business Angel of the Year“. He is a passionate entrepreneur an startup investor. 

  • chaturvedi
    Swati Chaturvedi, Co-founder & CEO, Propel(x)

    Swati Chaturvedi is the CEO of Propel(x) - an investment marketplace that enables accredited investors to discover, evaluate and invest in startups. Propel(x) focuses exclusively on deep technology startups - companies emerging out of breakthrough scientific or engineering research. Typical sectors are: Life Sciences, Energy/Greentech, Information Technology, Aerospace/Transportation, Food/Agtech and Industrial.

    Swati is also the co-founder of the MIT Alumni Angel Investors group and continues to be on the screening committee. 

  • Mark Danchak_177x177
    Mark Danchak, Managing Director, WorldQuant Ventures LLC

    Since joining his first startup in 1994, Mark’s journey has taken him from tech startups to Wall Street and ultimately Venture Capital. He has helped build mobile, software and financial services companies.

    He is passionate about entrepreneurship, connecting the dots across technologies and business models, the value of diverse teams, and investing in great founders who have the vision and grit to shape the future.

    He previously was at Carbon6 Ventures, Barclays Capital, Harbinger Capital Partners. Libertas Partners, 24/7 Real Media and All Points Software.

  • Franc
    Clémence Franc, Co-founder & CEO NovaGray

    Clémence Franc, 28, acts as NovaGray’s CEO and Co-founder. Based in France, NovaGray is developing the first radiotherapy tolerance tests for breast, prostate and lung cancer patients. Prior to founding NovaGray, Clémence worked for household names in the engineering, consulting and scientific fields (Deloitte, GE HealthCare, Colas) and developed a previous start-up in the field of radiation oncology.

    Clémence holds a degree in Engineering from ESTP Paris and a MSc in Entrepreneurship from HEC Paris.

  • Danil Kerimi_177x177
    Danil Kerimi, Head of Information Technology and Electronics Industries, World Economic Forum

    Prior to joining the World Economic Forum in 2008, Danil Kerimi worked with the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime/Terrorism Prevention Branch, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, the International Organization for Migration, and other international and regional organizations.

    From 2008 to 2011, Danil led WEF’s engagement with governments and business leaders in Europe and Central Asia. Since 2011, he has been in charge of developing the Forum’s global public sector outreach strategy on various projects on cyberspace, including cyberresilience, data, digital ecosystem, ICT and competitiveness, and hyperconnectivity, among others.


  • Tom Miller-Photo_177x177
    Thomas Miller, Diplomatic and Global Business Lead, Bloomberg Next

    Thomas Miller is the Diplomatic and Global Business Lead at the Bloomberg Bureau of National Affairs (BBNA) where he oversees client relations with the international diplomatic community and produces the Bloomberg Sustainable Business Summits. He joined BBNA after four years with Bloomberg Government, where he was responsible for launching the new BGOV service to diplomatic officials in the political, economic, defense and communications sections at the foreign embassies in Washington DC. Prior to joining Bloomberg, Tom was a founding Board Member of Business for Diplomatic Action (BDA), a non-profit organization founded by major American corporations after the 9/11 attacks to work with the U.S. Department of State on public diplomacy programs around the world. Before BDA, he was Managing Director with the Roper Organization, one of the world’s leading market and public opinion research firms, where he managed all of the company’s global marketing, branding, consumer trend and public opinion/public affairs insight services. Tom began his career at Hudson Research Europe, a Paris-based political, economic and social risk forecasting firm serving major multinational corporations, banks and governments. He is an honors graduate of Yale University (B.A.) and the London School of Economics (M.Sc.). 

  • Mojsilovic
    Dr. Aleksandra (Saška) Mojsilović, Fellow & Head of AI Foundations Department, Co-Director Science for Social Good, Research AI, IBM

    Aleksandra (Saška) Mojsilovic is a scientist, Head of AI Foundations at IBM Research, Co-Director of IBM Science for Social Good, and IBM Fellow. She is a Fellow of the IEEE and a member of the IBM Academy of Technology. Saška received the Ph.D. degree in electrical engineering from the University of Belgrade, Belgrade, Serbia in 1997. She was a Member of Technical Staff at the Bell Laboratories, Murray Hill, New Jersey (1998-2000), and then joined IBM Research. Over the last 20 years, Saška has applied her skills to problems in computer vision, healthcare, multimedia, finance, HR, public affairs and economics. Saška is the author of over 100 publications and holds 16 patents. Her work has been recognized with several awards including IEEE Signal Processing Society Young Author Best Paper Award, INFORMS Wagner Prize, IBM Extraordinary Accomplishment Award, and IBM Gerstner Prize. Saška also serves on the board of directors for Neighborhood Trust Financial Partners, which provides financial literacy and economic empowerment training to low-income individuals.

  • Muskus
    Jeff Muskus, Senior Technology Editor, Bloomberg Businessweek

    Jeff Muskus is Bloomberg Businessweek's senior technology editor, overseeing the magazine's weekly Tech section as well as longer features and special issues. Jeff was previously an associate editor at Businessweek and a senior editor at the Huffington Post, where he edited a series on severely wounded veterans that won the 2012 Pulitzer Prize for National Reporting. As a reporter, he's worked for publications including HuffPo, The New York Times, and the New Orleans Times-Picayune, covering subjects including Afghanistan, climate change, financial regulation, health care, police, the court system, and Batman.

  • pompolio
    Giorgio Pompilio, Acting Consul General of Switzerland in New York

    Giorgio Pompilio is from Lugano, in the Italian speaking part of Switzerland. In 2002, he entered the diplomatic service of Switzerland, and has since served as Head of Communication and Judicial Affairs at the Swiss Embassy in Paris; Head of the Diplomatic Posting Section and Deputy Head of Communication in the European Directorate in Bern; and Head of Division Projects on the board of Presence Switzerland, the entity within the Swiss Foreign Ministry responsible for Public Diplomacy activities and communications surrounding Switzerland abroad. Since last August he has taken over the lead of the Swiss Consulate in New York as Acting Consul General. Giorgio graduated from the University of Fribourg School of Law, and is a licensed lawyer in Ticino.

  • Rana
    Anurag Rana, Sector Head and Senior Analyst, Bloomberg Intelligence

    Anurag Rana is the Sector Head and Senior Equity Analyst for Software and IT Services at Bloomberg Intelligence since 2010. With 15 years of equity research experience, Anurag covers large-cap stocks at Bloomberg including Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, Salesforce.com, Workday, VMware, Adobe, Shopify, IBM, Accenture, Capgemini, Tata Consultancy Services, Infosys and Cognizant. Mr. Rana has covered the IT and Business Services sector since 2003 and was a Senior Analyst at KeyBanc Capital Markets Inc., prior to Bloomberg. Before that, he was with KeyCorp's risk management division focusing on market risk review for its Capital Markets group. Mr. Rana earned his MBA from SUNY Buffalo and his BS in physics from the University of Delhi.

  • Daniel Schaufelberger_177x177
    Dr. Daniel Schaufelberger, Director, Portfolio Management, Johnson & Johnson

    Daniel is a Senior Scientific Director at Janssen R&D LLC, a Johnson & Johnson Company and based in Raritan, NJ.  He holds a Diploma in Pharmazie from ETH Zürich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology) and a Docteur en Pharmacie from the University of Lausanne, Switzerland. Daniel has done research in discovering novel anticancer drugs from natural sources, worked for the US National Cancer Institute at the Frederick Cancer Research Facility, MD, and held positions at Sandoz Pharma AG and Cilag AG in Switzerland before moving permanently to the US. Daniel has over 25 years of experience in research-based roles in Pharmaceutical Development, bringing new products to market and introducing new scientific methods and technologies. He is a co-chair of J&J’s Pediatric Formulation Network connecting scientists worldwide in developing new medicines for children. He is the author of scientific publications and, more recently has given public presentations at J&J’s Innovation Centers/JLABS about the “Road to Investigational New Drug Applications”. Outside of his professional activities, Daniel has been a leader in establishing ETH Zürich Alumni organizations in the US, and currently serves as President of the Swiss Society of New York.

  • Wermelinger
    Patrik Wermelinger, Head of Investment Promotion, Switzerland Global Enterprise

    Patrik Wermelinger is Head of Investment Promotion and a member of the Executive Committee at Switzerland Global Enterprise (S-GE), which promotes exports and foreign direct investment on behalf of the Swiss Confederation (State Secretariat for Economic Affairs SECO) and the Swiss cantons, thus strengthening Switzerland as an economic hub. Prior to joining S-GE he served as Head of Location Promotion & Marketing for the Canton of Lucerne, and held senior positions at the Swiss companies Calida and Spectrum Events. Patrik has Executive MBA and Business Administration degrees from Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, and speaks fluent German, English, French, Italian, and Spanish. 


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