Internet Advertising Group Updates Mobile App Code

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Aug. 18 — The Network Advertising Initiative Aug. 17 released an updated mobile application code clarifying existing obligations, but not adding new substantive requirements.

The NAI is a Washington-based self-regulatory organization comprised of nearly 100 companies—including Google Inc., Microsoft Corp., and Yahoo! Inc.—that is dedicated to responsible data collection and the use of data for digital advertising. According to a statement by the NAI, the updated mobile app code provides clarifications regarding obligations while engaging in cross-app advertising based on sensitive health conditions and when engaging in “retargeting ads” in mobile apps.

In 2013, the NAI released its first mobile app code to clarify how the principles of the 2013 NAI Code of Conduct applied to mobile “Cross-App Advertising.” Earlier this year, the NAI issued a 2015 update to the 2013 NAI Code of Conduct, and the 2015 mobile app code update incorporated many of the changes.

Further, the update contains definitions of various terms—including Cross-App Advertising; Ad Delivery and Reporting; Retargeting; and Sensitive Data—and also explains member obligations.

The 2015 app code will go into effect Sept. 1, but the NAI will provide an implementation period, and full enforcement won't commence until Jan. 1, 2016.

The “2015 Update to the NAI Mobile Application Code” is available at

The “2015 Update to the NAI Code of Conduct” is available at

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