The “Internet of Things” Button: What Would You Do With It?


Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS) has developed an “Internet of Things” button that could be used for anything from ordering pizza to remotely controlling home appliances.  

The button is a beta prototype device for use with AWS IoT, a new service that connects devices to the cloud.  Although AWS doesn’t currently plan to sell the button, the company wants to know how people would use it—so much so that it sponsored a contest to collect ideas.

Asked what could be built with AWS IoT, participants submitted ideas and then built projects using the IoT button or other devices. IoT buttons are being awarded to the creators of the top 20 ideas, including:

  • a “remote parenting” button,
  • an air conditioning monitor, and
  • a button to track down missing cars. 

Altogether, the contest, which concluded Jan. 31, generated 293 ideas and 99 projects. Winners will be announced Feb. 9.

The ideas appear to cover a seemingly endless list of purposes touching upon every aspect of daily life, no matter how big or small, from watching the kids to being alerted as to when the popcorn’s ready. We’ll let you know which of those turn out to be big button winners.