Investors Ask 5,000 Largest Companies to Disclose Data on Emissions, Risk Plans

A coalition of hundreds of institutional investors has asked more than 5,000 companies to disclose their greenhouse gas emissions, plans for addressing climate change risks, and other environmental data, the Carbon Disclosure Project said Feb. 11.

CDP sent a questionnaire on behalf of investors requesting information on emissions-reductions targets, energy use, and supply chain emissions. Companies have until May 31 to respond to the request, and CDP will release the data in fall 2013. Investors use the information for investment, lending, and insurance analysis, according to CDP.

CDP asks the largest companies globally by market capitalization to complete the questionnaire. More than 3,000 companies responded to the CDP questionnaire in 2012, including more than 81 percent of companies in the Global 500. The 2012 report found that about 78 percent of the world's top 500 global companies are integrating climate change into their business strategies, and 82 percent set emissions-reductions targets (177 DEN A-2, 9/13/12).

CDP is a nonprofit organization representing 722 investors with $87 trillion in assets, which is approximately one-third of global invested capital. CDP works with companies to measure and disclose environmental information, and the organization holds the largest collection of self-reported corporate climate information.

Interest in Water and Deforestation Data

More investors are requesting information about water risk and exposure to deforestation risks in 2013, according to CDP.

A total of 530 investors that have partnered with CDP are asking companies to disclose water risk information, and 184 investors are requesting information about exposure to deforestation risk through use of five commodities that contribute to deforestation--timber products, palm oil, soy, cattle products, and biofuels.

CDP is sending the water questionnaire to the largest companies from industries that are water-intensive or are particularly exposed to water risk in their supply chains, including 3M Co., Inc., Boeing Co., Coca-Cola Co., Halliburton Co., and Wal-Mart Stores Inc.

The deforestation questionnaire is being sent to more than 780 companies that have operational or supply chain risks related to timber products, palm oil, soy, cattle products or biofuels.

Companies have until June 27 to submit information on water and deforestation risks.

CDP said in a statement that the increasing interest by investors in water and deforestation information further demonstrates that “natural capital is increasingly understood to be of material value to the global market.”

The number of investors that are part of CDP has increased by 10 percent from 2012, when CDP had 655 investors as members or signatories. CDP members include Aviva Investors, Calvert Investments, Morgan Stanley, and Schroders.

By Avery Fellow  

The 2013 CDP Climate Change Questionnaire is available at