Ireland Proposes Increasing Minimum Wage to €9.25

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By Molly Ward

July 19—The hourly minimum wage in Ireland for experienced adult workers would increase to 9.25 euros ($10.23) from 9.15 euros ($10.12) Jan. 1, 2017, under a proposal presented to the Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation July 19 by the Low Pay Commission, a body established to assess the appropriate level of the national minimum wage.

The minimum wage for an experienced adult worker was last increased on Jan. 1, 2016, by 50 cents an hour.

The minimum wage for those less than 18 and trainees varies depending on length of time worked. These rates also would see a modest increase, ranging from an additional six to nine cents, according to the proposal.

The minimum wage will need to be approved by Parliament in the 2017 budget in order to come into force.

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