January 2016

Entry Type Filter Now Available on SDNY Dockets

When viewing docket sheets, U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York Dockets now feature the ability to filter each entry by its primary classification (Complaints, Briefs, Motions, etc.). The Entry Type filter appears to the right of the Keyword filter at the top of the “Docket Entries” section.


Jan 2016

Case Type Search Filter for the Delaware Court of Chancery

The new case type filter will appear on the bottom of the search screen after choosing Delaware Court of Chancery as a source on the Docket Search page. Users can choose the case type they want for targeted searching and alerting either by browsing or using the autocomplete, similar to Nature of Suit functionality in federal courts

Delaware Superior Courts

Bloomberg Law Docket coverage has expanded to include the Delaware Superior Courts. Our dockets in these courts will update automatically with new filings and cases delivered on an hourly basis. Similar to the Delaware Court of Chancery, all publicly available documents are already loaded on the docket. 

Addition of Restatement (Second) Contracts to BLAW’s Books & Treatises Collection

Bloomberg Law is excited to announce the addition of American Legal Institute’s (ALI) Restatement (Second) of Contracts to its collection of secondary content. Restatement (Second) of the Law of Contracts is one of the most well-respected, and often cited legal treatises. It consists of 3 volumes and 10 appendices. A popular secondary resources for law students, the Restatements (Second) of Contracts provides the black letter law in the areas of contracts and commercial transactions.

The Restatement (Second) of Contracts is the first Restatement available on Bloomberg Law. Over the course of 2016, we will be adding the Restatement (Second) of Torts, Restatement (Third) of Torts, the Restatement (Third) of Agency, and Restatement (Third) of Unfair Competition. The Restatements of the Law are published by the American Law Institute, an organization founded in 1923 of judges, legal scholars and practitioners.

Subscribers will find the  Restatement (Second) of Contracts under Books & Treatises within the American Law Institute link.

Expansion of Case Analysis Functionality to Ohio Laws and Regulations

Bloomberg Law's Case Analysis functionality has been expanded to Ohio Laws and Regulations. Users can now pull up an Ohio statute or regulation and click on the Case Analysis tab located along the top of the page to quickly view opinions discussing the provision they are researching. This feature allows users to filter the relevant opinions by Keyword, Date, Court, or Topic to easily identify the most useful results. Bloomberg Law also classifies and assigns a strength of discussion score to the opinion text surrounding each citation, enabling users to focus on the legal discussions most likely to inform their research. 

The specific codes and regulations where the Case Analysis functionality has been added include:

SCOTUS Petitions & Briefs

All petitions and briefs from granted U.S. Supreme Court cases from the 2014 term are now available on both the docket sheet and the U.S. Supreme Court Brief Node, accessed through the following string: Search & Browse > All Legal Content > U.S. Courts > Court Briefs > Federal Courts > U.S. Supreme Court

New Countries Added to Data Protection Chart Builders

New country profiles added to the Data Protection Chart Builder on Bloomberg Law: Privacy & Data Security. Compare privacy compliance requirement summaries across dozens of countries, assembled by a team of international privacy and data security experts, and covering such topics as collection, transfer, security, breach notification, and electronic marketing. New countries include Angola, Belarus, Cape Verde, Estonia, Ghana and Latvia.