Jeffrey Owens


Jeffrey Owens, a public finance expert, completed his doctoral work at Cambridge University in the United Kingdom in 1973. In addition to his economic degrees, he is trained as an accountant. He is currently an international civil servant at the Organization of Economic Co-operation and Development in Paris, where he has focused his activities on the tax implications of the globalization of national economies, the broader policy issues that arise in the areas of cross-border direct and portfolio investment and tax administration. He has made numerous contributions to professional journals, has published a number of books ("The Growth of the Euro-Dollar market", "Local Government Finance: an international perspective": "A Comparison of Tax Systems in North Africa and Europe") and has been the author of many OECD publications on taxation. Dr. Owens' position as Director of the Centre for Tax Policy and Administration at the OECD, his frequent participation in international conferences and business seminars and his high level contacts with representatives from governments and the business community have provided him with a unique international perspective on economic and tax policy issues.