Job Search Bot Is Latest Offering at Kik’s Bot Shop



The use of new technologies to match job applicants with employers is becoming more prevalent. Online personality assessments, digital video interviews and even mobile video games are already in use in the job market.

The next stop is bots—those automated accounts that interact with users.

Teen messaging app Kik Interactive Inc. announced a partnership with mobile employment solution Wirkn April 19 and the addition of the job search bot designed to help youth enter the workforce.

Users could already chat with a number of brand-created automated accounts in Kik’s bot shop. They could, for instance, consult with an H&M “personal stylist” bot about building an outfit around a particular piece of clothing, or chat with the Weather Channel’s personal weather bot to get daily and seven-day forecasts.

Now, the newest job bot can chat about job opportunities and help employers find talent.

“Think of the Wirkn bot as a personal career coach that’ll help you find a job based on your availability, personality, interests, and location,” Kik said in a blog post.

How does it work? The Wirkn bot asks users a series of personality questions and then presents a list of job openings that may be good fits. Kik users can apply to a selected job by creating a profile and uploading a 30-second video cover letter.

Although Kik’s audience is primarily teenagers and young adults, older job seekers need not shy away. A Kik spokeswoman told Bloomberg BNA that the Wirkn bot is for anyone.