July 2016

Introducing Bloomberg Law: Tax

We are pleased to introduce a significantly upgraded tax research experience on Bloomberg Law.

Built on the foundation of the Tax Management Portfolios™, Bloomberg Law: Tax is a comprehensive tax research solution designed by tax attorneys for tax attorneys. With an easy-to-use interface and improved search, it delivers fast and easy access to expert analysis, in-depth news, extensive primary source materials, and a full range of practitioner-developed tools only available from Bloomberg BNA.



Bloomberg Law: Tax provides:

  • Practitioner-tested and approved search and navigation to streamline tax research for all levels of expertise
  • BNA Picks — curated recommendations on search results and document pages provides related content with quick links to the most relevant Tax Management Portfolios™, Code sections, regulations, Fast Answers, news, and practice tools
  • BCite™ now available on agency documents
  • New and expanded content, including:
    • Interactive Tax Forms
    • State and International Coverage including IRC Conformity chart builders, State Nexus Tools, BEPS development tracker, and international treaties database
    • Archived versions of the Internal Revenue Code (back to 1913)

Subscribers will find direct access to Bloomberg Law: Tax on the banner ads in the Tax Practice Center or go directly to Bloomberg Law: Tax here: tax.bloomberglaw.com

Environmental & Safety Practice Center

Bloomberg Law is proud to introduce the Environmental & Safety Practice Center as Bloomberg Law’s eleventh practice center, which harnesses the expertise of Bloomberg BNA’s Environment Health & Safety Resource Center, and is specifically designed to meet the needs of environmental practice attorneys and in-house compliance departments.


Bloomberg Law’s Environmental & Safety Practice Center was specially curated by the experts at Bloomberg BNA, and will provide environmental attorneys and compliance departments with BNA analysis, BNA’s proprietary Environment & Safety Portfolios, environmental news, environmental laws and regulations, agency/guidance documents, environmental opinions and dockets, environmental and safety books and treatises, and law reviews and journals all in one location on Bloomberg Law.


Over the last several years, environmental practice groups have been growing. Environmental attorneys and compliance departments are increasingly looking for legal research products that address their specific needs and concerns. Bloomberg Law is excited to satisfy this emerging demand in the legal research market with its Environmental & Safety Practice Center.


Competitor Citation Recognition

Bloomberg Law now recognizes WL and LEXIS citations when they are entered in the <GO> bar.

Addition of Restatements of the Law to Bloomberg Law’s Books & Treatises Collection

Bloomberg Law is excited to announce the addition of seven American Law Institute (ALI) Restatements of Law: Restatement (Second) of Torts, Restatement (Third) of Torts, Products Liability, Restatement (Third) of Torts, Apportionment of Liability, Restatement (Third) of Torts, Physical and Emotional Harm, the Restatement (Third) of Agency, Restatement (Third) of Unfair Competition, and the Restatement, Employment Law. These new titles add to the Restatement (Second) of Contracts, which was added to Bloomberg Law’s collection of secondary content earlier this year.

Bloomberg Law’s collection of Restatements, which are among the most popular secondary resources for law students, provides the black letter law in the areas of contracts and commercial transactions, strict liability, negligence, and defective products, liability for physical and emotional harm, agency law, apportionment of liability, unfair competition, and employment law. Of particular note, the Restatement (Second) of Torts is one of the most influential, and often cited legal treatises, and most widely cited Restatement, and the Restatement, Employment Law is ALI’s latest addition to its Restatements series, and was published in 2015.

Subscribers will find Bloomberg Law’s entire collection of Restatements of the Law in Books & Treatises within the “General Legal” practice area under the American Law Institute tab.

Law Firm Research

Users can now sort and filter Law Firm Research (law firm client alerts and memos) by firm. After running a search using Law Firm Research as the source, users can filter their results using the Filter Your Results box on the left-hand rail. Firms with the most legal research content on Bloomberg Law will appear first, but clicking on Select More in the Filter Your Results box will allow users to view all the law firms for which Bloomberg Law has law firm research. The collection will be listed alphabetically and users can filter accordingly. Law Firm Research can be accessed from U.S. Secondary Sources, Global Law, or from the Business Development Center’s Law Firm Client Memos on the right rail under Competitive Tools & Resources. Bloomberg Law is continuing to expand its law firm research collection, providing law firm memos from more firms and improving the timeliness of its collection.

Books & Treatises by Practice Area

In response to customer feedback, Bloomberg Law users can now access books by Practice Area from the Books & Treatises landing page. On the right-hand side of the page is a list of the practice areas from which users can browse: Alternative Dispute Resolution, Antitrust & Trade, Banking & Consumer Finance, Bankruptcy & Reorganization, Corporate/M&A, Employee Benefits, Environmental, Family, General Legal, Health, Insurance, Intellectual Property, International Trade, Labor & Employment, Litigation, Maritime, Privacy, Real Estate, Securities, Tax & Accounting and Trusts and Estates. Clicking on any of the practice area links will direct to a page where that practice area’s books are sorted by publisher.


Also new to the Books & Treatises landing page is Search Books & Treatises. Users can either conduct a keyword search, begin typing the name of a book or treatises in the Select Sources field, or use the Browse Sources button next to the Select Sources field. You can see the new Books & Treatises landing page HERE.

BCite added to IRS Agency Documents

The Bloomberg Law citator, BCite, is now available for IRS Agency Documents on Bloomberg Law! This marks the first expansion of BCite beyond court opinions.

Specifically, we have added BCite functionality to: (1) IRS Revenue Rulings (1954-current), (2) IRS Revenue Procedures (1954-current), (3) IRS Notices (1980-current) and (4) IRS Announcements (1970-current).

The BCite functionality added to IRS Agency Documents includes:

  1. History Tab – Shows other IRS agency documents relating to your case and their effect on each other. You can filter by Date, or limit the history results to the prior or subsequent history of your case.
  2. Case Analysis Tab – Shows cases that have cited your agency document and includes extracts showing the exact language used by the citing court. You can sort or filter by Date, Citation Frequency, Citing Case Analysis, Citing Case Status, Court and/or Judge.
  3. Citing Documents Tab - Shows Court Opinions, Regulatory & Administrative Materials, and Secondary Materials that have cited your agency document. You can perform a keyword search over all of these materials from the Keywords box. (*Note, there is no Table of Authorities tab for IRS Agency documents)
Enhancements to Representation Analytics

We are pleased to announce that with our latest round of enhancements Representation Analytics sheds its "beta" label. These enhancements are:

  1. Zoom Functionality on the Jurisdiction View – when viewing the analytics by jurisdictions, users can now click into specific circuits or districts and see the density and types of cases at a much more granular level. This provides a deeper level analysis as to which types of cases are happening, and where they are happening. Users can access the zoom functionality in all three jurisdiction views: (1) Circuit (Combined), which includes U.S. District Courts and Courts of Appeals; (2) Appellate, which includes the Circuit Courts of Appeals; and (3) District, which includes the U.S. District Courts.
  2. PDE Functionality Added to Jurisdiction View – users can now create reports that include the heat maps, in both PDF and DOCX (Word-compatible) format.
Expansion of Smart Code Functionality to Iowa Laws and Regulations

Bloomberg Law's Smart Code functionality has been expanded to Iowa Laws and Regulations. Users can now pull up an Iowa statute or regulation and click on the Smart Code tab located along the top of the page to quickly view extracts of court opinions discussing the provision they are researching. This feature allows users to filter the relevant extracts by Keyword, Date, Court, or Topic to easily identify the most useful results. Smart Code uses machine learning to assign a strength of discussion score on a sliding scale from “weak” to “strong”, enabling users to focus on the legal discussions most likely to inform their research.

The specific codes and regulations where Smart Code has been added include:

With the addition of Iowa, Smart Code is now available for 21 states and the District of Columbia, as well as various collections of federal statutes, rules, and regulations.

Bloomberg BNA Portfolios

The following portfolios are now available on Bloomberg Law:

  • 861-2nd: Trustee Investments - This portfolio can be found by going to the Search & Browse tab, BNA Portfolios, clicking on Estates, Gifts, and Trusts then Trusts.
  • 7320-2nd: Business Operations in Puerto Rico - This portfolio can be found by going to the Search & Browse tab, BNA Portfolios, clicking on Foreign Income Portfolios: Country Portfolios.
  • 801-3rd: Ethical Rules for Estate Planning Lawyers — Conflicts, Confidentiality and Other Issues. The portfolio can be found by going to the Search & Browse tab, BNA Portfolios, clicking on Estates, Gifts, & Trusts Portfolios: Estate Planning/Business Planning.
  • 6085-1st: Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts - The portfolio can be found by going to the Search & Browse tab, BNA Portfolios, clicking on Foreign Income Portfolios: Taxation of U.S. Persons' Foreign Income.
New from Bloomberg BNA Books

More than 800 pages of case information has been added to Covenants Not to Compete: A State-by-State Survey, consisting of:

  • Index of Employment Covenant Cases Specifying Occupation
  • Index of Employment Covenant Cases Not Specifying Occupation
  • Index of Employment Covenant Cases by Industry
  • Index of Sale-of-Business Covenant Cases
  • Index of Covenant Cases Not Involving Employment or Sale of Business
  • Index of Cases Not Involving Covenants