June 2017

Health Care – Physician Compensation

The Health Care Practice Center offers a new suite of practical guidance covering Physician Compensation.  This is a heavily regulated area and counsel for hospitals, health systems, and other providers must deal with complex rules related to compensating physicians that meet the requirements of fair market value and commercial reasonableness.  This suite provides checklists, questionnaires and other guidance documents to ensure compliance with regulations.

M&A Pre-Sale Preparation

A new Pre-Sale Preparation step-by-step transaction is now available in the M&A suite of Practical Guidance on Bloomberg Law and Bloomberg Law: Corporate Transactions.  The transaction includes overviews, checklists, forms and other practical guidance. This transaction will be of particular interest to corporate and M&A attorneys representing private companies considering an M&A transaction.

Regulation A Offering

A new collection of practical guidance – Regulation A Offering - is now available on the Corporate Practice Center and Bloomberg Law: Corporate Transactions. This step-by-step collection – containing overviews, annotated drafting guides, timelines, checklists, forms, document overviews and other practical guidance – will be of particular interest to capital markets and securities attorneys who represent private companies and investment banks that may be involved in an unregistered offering of securities. 

Cyber Insurance

A new Cyber Insurance suite of practical guidance has been added to the Privacy & Data Security Practice Center. With cyber incidents on the rise and difficult to avoid, significant importance has been placed on resilience and being able to recover quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively so that the target company can continue its operations. That landscape in turn has created a burgeoning field of cybersecurity insurance coverage options.  This unique asset provides practical guidance on the distinct considerations involved in negotiating and obtaining cyber insurance coverage; identifying and quantifying risk; best practices for preventative cyber security measures and business continuity plans; and coordinating and communicating with the insurer as part of incident response.


Securities Practice Portfolio Series

Portfolio 328: Hedge Fund Equity Investing: U.S. Legal Issues (new)

Federal Income Taxation of Insurance Companies is now available on Bloomberg Law. This treatise provides a comprehensive analysis of life and nonlife insurance company taxation in the United States, including corporate tax issues, the taxation of captive insurance arrangements, and provisions related to special health insurance providers.




The left navigation panel – BROWSE ALL CONTENT – has been updated. No longer is there a category for Laws & Treatises. Instead, this category has been replaced with two others: Laws & Regulations and Secondary Sources. Based on commercial and customer feedback, these categories better align with the browsing expectations of users.


OCC Enforcement Tracker

An OCC Enforcement Tracker has been released on the Banking & Finance Practice Center.  The tracker covers all of the approximately 200 enforcement actions brought by the U.S. Department of Treasury's Office of the Comptroller of the Currency from 2015 to today. This tool also organizes the enforcement actions by respondent type, penalty amount, and 18 substantive topics.


FinTech Initiatives Innovation Tracker  

A new tracker, FinTech Innovation Initiatives – Domestic, has been added to the Banking & Finance Practice Center.  The tracker follows actions by U.S. federal and state authorities regarding fostering innovation in fintech, including initiatives, guidance, and other public statements since 2012.



Smart Code now available for the entirety of the U.S. Constitution.  This is in addition to the United States Code, Code of Federal Regulations, the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure, the Federal Rules of Evidence, and the Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure.  It is also available for state codes, state administrative codes, and state court rules across all 50 states and the District of Columbia.


Interactive Map: Digital Currency State Licensing Requirements

An interactive map featuring state licensing requirements for digital currency transmission has been added to the FinTech Practice Page on the Banking & Finance Practice Center. Users can hover over each state to see the status of licensing requirements, as well as click on the state to view the details of relevant licensing laws and regulations.


Peer Review Protections Chart Builder

The Peer Review Protections chart builder has been added to the Health Care Practice Center.  It compares state laws relating to peer review committees and similar entities, including those governing privilege of information and testimony before such committees and immunity for committee members and witnesses. It also sets out case law in each state dealing with the tort of negligent credentialing.




The Corporate Practice Center has been supplemented with high-value materials for international trade law practitioners. We have added Issues & Decision Memoranda from the Department of Commerce that accompany Federal Register notices announcing administrative rulings on requested duties on imports and cover the legal issues decided.  Additionally, Bloomberg Law has added documents for several executed Free Trade Agreements.  Specifically, clients can access the Final Text (U.S. Version), Annexes, Side Letters, and Related Documents for the Free Trade Agreements between the United States and, respectively, Australia, Bahrain, Chile, Colombia, Israel, Jordan, Korea, Morocco, Oman, Panama, Peru, and Singapore; as well as the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and the Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA).