June 2019


Bloomberg Law’s Litigation Practical Guidance includes overviews, checklists, and sample forms and filings that walk users through the legal and logistical issues related to initiating and defending litigation. Bloomberg Law’s unique integration of content, functionality, and tools such as Points of Law, Smart Code, and Docket Key – combined with the guidance of litigation experts – walks users quickly through the stages of pretrial practice and anticipates procedural next steps. Litigation Practical Guidance is available on the Litigation Intelligence Center and the Practical Guidance homepage.

Bloomberg Law’s Practical Guidance now includes a clickable Table of Contents allowing for easy navigation throughout a document; links to Related Content in the right rail of each Practical Guidance page; and a Toggle switch allowing users to select a page view with or without annotations or other commentary, as well as corresponding print options.


In Focus: Legal Operations


New In Focus: Legal Operations provides news, analysis, and practical guidance on legal operations, a multidisciplinary approach to managing a corporate legal office or law firm that aims to improve the organization's efficiency, productivity, and profitability. One of the principal means of achieving those ends is the adoption of technological solutions to reduce professional time loss. The new page includes a new, proprietary survey on the state of legal operations and legal technology.


The new In Focus page is available on the Corporate Practice Center as well as the In Focus Resources homepage.


In Focus: Mobile Health Technology


Mobile health technology innovation is developing at a rapid pace, with a wide variety of actual and potential functions offering benefits to patients and health care providers. These technologies also come with risks to public health, so federal agencies such as the FTC, FDA, and HHS OCR provide oversight of them through various regulatory authority. Precisely what regulatory schemes a particular mobile health app is subject to is a complicated determination. The new In Focus: Mobile Health Technology page offers resources to help those advising app developers, and those who use such apps in providing care to patients, to determine what regulations they need to follow and what compliance issues they should consider on an ongoing basis.


The new In Focus page is available on the Health Practice Center, the Health Information & Technology page, the Pharmaceuticals & Life Sciences page, and In Focus Resources homepage.


In Focus: Right-to-Work


Now that a majority of U.S. states have right-to-work laws (laws that forbid requiring nonunion employees to join a union or to pay union dues as a requirement of employment), scrutiny of such laws is on the rise. The new In Focus: Right-to-Work Laws provides news, analysis, recent court opinions, and additional coverage including opposing professional perspectives by Irwin H. Cutler, Jr. (Union Challenges Under Right to Work Law) and David L. Barron (Right to Work Laws: It’s All About Free Markets and Employee Choice).


The new In Focus page is available on the Labor & Employment Practice Center and the In Focus Resources homepage.



Bloomberg Law’s proprietary docket filing classification system, Docket Key®, now includes filings from 20 additional federal district courts. The updated user interface makes it easier than ever to locate filings. Docket Key is available on the Litigation Intelligence Center.





The State Legislative and State Regulatory alerts on the Health Practice Center have a new look resembling a table and providing a better user experience. Highlights include:


  • Users can filter by Location (state) or Topic on the left-hand side (and by affected entity type for the legislative alert), or by keyword using the search bar at the top.
  • The display features a table view that shows the summary of the activity, along with a link to more information on the proposed regulation or legislation, including the full text of the proposal and, if applicable, links to current code sections affected by the proposal.
  • Columns in the table can be customized by users.
  • Users can set up an alert over the filtered results and/or add them to a workspace or dashboard.


Users who have set up alert emails or dashboards in the previous view will transition seamlessly to the same topics with the new view.  Users’ emails will not change.


Labor & Employment


The 2019 Employer Bargaining Objectives Report is now available on the Labor & Employment Practice Center. This annual report details survey findings from 114 participating employers regarding their plans and objectives heading into collective bargaining in 2019.



Privacy & Data Security Practice Portfolio Series 560: Cybersecurity Governance: A Guide for Corporate Officers, Directors and General Counsel is a new practical guide for corporate leaders, board members, and others within an organization tasked with the governance of privacy and data security risks. It is treatise-like and intended to be a “user-friendly” guide on board oversight of cyber-risk management. It was authored by Craig Newman, who chairs Patterson Belknap Webb & Tyler’s Privacy & Data Security Group, Peter Nelson, and other experts within the firm. The portfolio is available on the Privacy & Data Security Practice Center.