Jones Day
In your profession, what are your roles and responsibilities?

Provide quality legal and business research, and reference services daily. Evaluate firm resources. Work with vendors on training opportunities.

What are some of the legal specific challenges your company encounters?

Staying abreast of industry trends, ensuring our clients are in compliance, and the firm continues meeting their needs.

How long has your company been a subscriber to bloomberg bna?

Probably since its inception!

Which bloomberg bna products do you use most often?

I rely heavily on Bloomberg Law Dockets.

How do you use those products?

I use Bloomberg Law Dockets to track case activity, as well as set up alert notifications specific to our clients and key practice groups. I research within the dockets database to obtain various proceedings and related information.

What types of problems do these products solve for you?

The products allow me to conduct my research under one platform.

How would you describe the value you receive from bloomberg bna’s products and services?

Immeasurable. By having access to their robust docket database, we are able to find and obtain documents quickly without relying on a courier service and incurring additional expense.

Is there one must-have feature to the content (and functionality, if applicable) that you rely on and, if so, what is that feature?

The ability to conduct key word searching in dockets. This key feature allows users to search the entire docket and underlying documents. No other service provider has the search flexibility, or power, that Bloomberg provides.

How does bloomberg bna stack up to competitors and other legal research options?

Bloomberg has proven to be very competitive in the legal market. In addition to the legal material, their depth and coverage of company information and related filings, not to mention precedent documents and their Dealmaker database, make it a superior well-rounded service.

If you had one thing to say to a colleague (internal or external to your company) about bloomberg bna, what would that be?

Bloomberg BNA is my go-to database. Almost every search initiates with their platform. It is only after I’ve exhausted their robust resources that I turn to the competitors.

How would you summarize your overall experience with bloomberg bna?

I have come to rely on Bloomberg BNA for my research needs. I really feel like the company listens to their end user’s needs and goes to great lengths to accommodate the requests/needs. It is clear to me that Bloomberg BNA is committed to their product and to the legal and business industries.