Labor Department Unveils New Webpage on Worker Status


A new page launched Dec. 19 on the Labor Department’s website brings together in one place worker misclassification information and resources from across the department’s divisions.

The page is meant to be a resource for workers, employers and government agencies, the department said in an e-mail announcing the launch of the landing page.

The misclassification of workers as independent contractors may have implications in several areas, including wage and hour, benefits and tax compliance. The new page brings together resources on each of those areas from across several divisions within the department and other agencies.

The page links to news releases, an administrator’s interpretation, a video explaining misclassification and other resources from the Wage and Hour Division. The page also includes industry-specific guidance and whistleblower protections from the department’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration, as well as resources from the Unemployment Insurance Claims Offices and Employee Benefits Security Administration.

Information and resources from outside the Labor Department are available on the page. An Internal Revenue Service publication (Publication 1779) describing the agency’s worker classification criteria for tax purposes is included on the site. Agreements the Labor Department made with 35 states to collaborate on investigating worker status violations also are highlighted.

Worker misclassification has been a focus of the Labor Department during President Barack Obama’s administration. The new landing page brings together developments and guidance that grew out of that focus and otherwise would be scattered across several division websites. The page may be a resource for employers who want a more complete picture of the components and consequences of noncompliance.

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