Professional Resources

Use the resources below to assist you in your curriculum, course research, and interactions with your students and other faculty. Your academic account provides you with access to core legal research materials, as well as Bloomberg BNA Law Reports, comprehensive federal docket coverage and selected state and international dockets, transactional drafting documents, books and treatises, and news coverage from over 75,000 sources.  In addition, you have access to our  24/7 Help Desk to assist you with your research needs.

LIVE WEBINAR TRAININGS are available every Tuesday and Thursday on Bloomberg Law. These live sessions are focused on fundamental research skills, advanced tools, practice-area research, and monthly librarian updates. Each training is recorded and available for viewing on Bloomberg Law at your convenience.

BLOOMBERG LAW CERTIFICATIONS are on-demand learning programs designed to enhance and test research abilities. These unique training modules can supplement your curriculum and reinforce fundamental practice skills.

LIBRARIAN RESOURCES highlight traditional legal research resources, innovative tools, and business and current awareness information available on Bloomberg Law. Because the content and tools available to law schools are the same as those offered to practicing attorneys, your students’ research skills will translate seamlessly into practice.

FACULTY RESOURCES include links to traditional legal research resources, company and market information, dockets, transactional materials, books and treatises, curated news, and more.

LAW SCHOOL COURSE RESOURCES organize specifically-curated content by subject area. Access court opinions, secondary sources, news, and on-point BNA Law Reports to assist with your classes.

CAREER RESOURCES help prepare your students for practice with unique resources available on Bloomberg Law. Review People Profiles to expand networking opportunities, set alerts for law firms to understand the market, and review articles by leading professionals.

CLINIC AND EXTERNSHIP RESOURCES include resources to prepare your students for practical assignments, including access to unique litigation and transactional resources, such as dockets, Litigation Analytics, a Precedent Documents database, Draft Analyzer, document descriptions, and other helpful tools.