Law Student Resources

Use the resources below to help you navigate law school – quickly access cases, dockets and secondary sources, as well as practice tools and analytical resources to assist you throughout your law school career and professional development. Remember that you have access to Bloomberg Law throughout the summer and for six months after graduation. Contact our  24/7 Help Desk to assist you with research questions.


  • Bloomberg Law Certifications - BLOOMBERG LAW CERTIFICATIONS are training programs designed to help you understand Bloomberg Law, and master the skills you need to excel in your classes, enhance your resume, and prepare for the rigors of practice.
  • First Year Resources - Start strong with the resources on Bloomberg Law – from court opinions and statutes to secondary sources and current awareness. Use the materials on the FIRST YEAR RESOURCES page to help you succeed in your classes.
  • Upper Level Resources - Continue your success with UPPER LEVEL RESOURCES. Learn how to get involved with law reviews and journals, legal clinical opportunities, student clubs, and internships to enhance your resume and experience. Use Bloomberg Law to help you in your job search and interviewing preparation as well.
  • Law School Course Resources - Understand your classes better with specifically-curated content by subject area on our LAW SCHOOL COURSE RESOURCES page. Access court opinions, secondary sources, news, and on-point BNA Law Reports.
  • Career Resources - Find a potential employer, ace your interview, and excel on the job with Bloomberg Law’s CAREER RESOURCES. Learn how to stand out during OCI and land the job that you want with our unique career research tools.
  • Clinic and Externship Resources - Make a great impression during your clinic or externship with Bloomberg Law’s  CLINIC AND EXTERNSHIP RESOURCES. Explore our practice tools designed to help you perform your work assignments efficiently and effectively.
  • Law Review and Journal Resources - Learn how to find a note topic, keep current, and stay organized as a member of your law review or journal. Use the information on the LAW REVIEW AND JOURNAL RESOURCES page to assist with your research, editing, and writing assignments.