Lesson in Aston Martin Winged Trademark Brouhaha



Aston Martin fans can rest easy. Apparently the luxury British sports car maker is not planning to get rid of its winged-badge logo, which it has used in some form since 1927

Aston Martin Lagonda Ltd. created a bit of a stir across automotive news websites when it was reported that it had applied back in July to register a new logo as a trademark. The logo is a circular, hypnotic criss-crossed badge that hides within in it a stylized “A” and “M,” and is reminiscent of Aston Martin’s pre-1927 circular badge. 

The company responded on Twitter to the tempest with reassurance that the new logo was only for branded goods and accessories and wouldn’t replace the winged badge on its cars. 

This incident should be a warning to enthusiasts and the trade press of reading too much into the tea leaves of trademark applications. The European registration, which covers all European Union countries, was granted in Dec. 16 (EU registration No. 015671944).