Legislative Search

The Specialized Legislative Search provides a source tree for U.S. legislative sources with the optional search capabilities of Keywords and Date Range.  As with all Bloomberg Law search pages, you are able to add sources as favorites, or set alerts for particular searches. You can explore the source tree or click Browse to explore the table of contents for that data set.

  1. To launch the Legislative Search, from the Bloomberg Law Menu, select Legislative & Regulatory.
  2. Click Search Legislative.
  3. Choose your sources from the expandable U.S. Legislative Source Tree. Note that selecting certain sources— U.S. House and Senate Bills or U.S. Public Laws and Statutes at Large, for example, provides additional search criteria.
  4. Add Keyword and/or Date Range criteria to your search.
  5. Run Search.
Example: Search Federal Public Laws and Statutes at Large by Citation
  1. From the U.S. Legislative Source Tree select U.S. Congress and then U.S. House & Senate Bills as Source.
  2. You can also search Congressional Bills directly from the Bloomberg Law Menu, Legislative & Regulatory tab by selecting "Search Congressional Bills".
  3. Enter a citation into the Citation field (e.g. Pub.L. 111-148).
  4. Run Search.
Example: Search Congressional Bills
  1. From the Specialized Legislative Search add the All U.S. House Bills and/or All U.S. Senate Bills databases.
  2. You can search Congressional Bills from the Specialized Legislative Search or via the Search Congressional Bills link.
Example: Keyword search for "Honest Services Fraud".
  1. In the Keywords field, input "honest services fraud".
  2. Click Search.
  3. From the left side of your Results page, you can Modify or Filter your search, as well as Create a Search Alert.