Levin Still Not Certain Conference Committee Needed for Tax Extenders

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It is still not certain that a one-year extension of $31 billion in expired tax cuts will need to go through conference committee to pass, House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Levin says. The bill (H.R. 4213) features dozens of tax breaks that are popular among both Democrats and Republicans, but those tax cuts are paid for with two provisions that President Obama wants to use as offsets in his $950 billion overhaul of the health care system. More » … President Obama's proposed changes to the Senate-passed health care overhaul bill should come to the House floor in the coming weeks, though the exact timing depends on when CBO can produce its cost estimate for the legislation, House Speaker Pelosi says. More » … House Republicans announce plans for a one-year moratorium on earmarks in appropriations bills would also apply to tax legislation and other tax measures.

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