Code & Conduit Podcast: Porn Producer Malibu Media Leads Nation in Copyright Infringement Claims


The nation's most active filer of copyright infringement claims probably isn't in the industry most people would expect. It's not a big pharmaceutical brand, tech giant or name-brand studio. 

It's Malibu Media, a California-based adult film company, which is chasing down "John Does" across the country for allegedly illegally downloading its creative works online through bitorrenting sites.

Malibu Media accounts for approximately 40 percent of all copyright infringement suits in federal courts, more than 5,000 complaints since 2012. Along the way, it has created a cottage industry of law practices representing both sides of a complaint.


In the latest edition of Bloomberg BNA’s Code & Conduit podcast, intellectual property legal editor Anandashankar Mazumdar discusses his profile of Malibu Media, its legal strategies and the role the Copyright Act plays in protecting content producers' rights in an era when technology makes it ever easier to stream or download video and other content for free.

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