Litigation Intelligence Center

The Litigation Intelligence Center on Bloomberg Law® combines our market-leading dockets with primary sources, news, and practice tools in a new user interface.  It provides expedited access to information essential to litigation practice and eliminates the need to navigate multiple landing pages and search portals.

The Litigation Intelligence Center is available from the Home Page via a link in the Browse dropdown menu.

Highlights include:

  • Complete Bloomberg Law Dockets coverage with full search, track, and alert functionality
  • Comprehensive primary sources including more than 13 million published and unpublished court opinions
  • Bloomberg Law enhanced news including real-time updates, customizable news feeds, and daily highlights
  • Litigation practice tools:
    • Litigation Analytics including Law Firm search covering approximately 7,000 law firms; Attorney Analytics for more than 100,000 lawyers; Judge Search including all active federal district court judges; Company Search for more than 3.5 million public and private companies; with the ability to create user-friendly data visualizations
    • BCite, our proprietary citator that helps user determine whether a case is good law; includes citation direct history, case analysis, table of authorities and citing documents
    • Docket Key search, expediting access to items within Dockets, such as briefs, motions, orders, and complaints
    • Points of Law, providing the essential language of a court’s reasoning to ensure an important case won’t be missed
    • Smart Code, a virtual annotated code with case extracts for state and federal codes, regulations, and rules




Enhanced Case Law Research

We know how essential case law research is to your litigation practice and how finding what you need fast is crucial. Bloomberg Law® gives you multiple search options to find exactly what you need fast.

  • Bloomberg Law’s intuitive search tool works the way you work, accepting both natural language and terms and connectors queries. Simplified navigation allows you to find essential resources and pages quickly.
  • The Court Opinions Search page is where you can search published and unpublished court opinions by keyword, jurisdiction, topic, industry, judge, and party. After running your search, sort your results by relevance, most cited, date, and jurisdiction to hone in on the case you need.
  • Points of Law allows you to navigate seamlessly within a court opinion to the essential language of the court's reasoning.  You can then click through to a generalized Point of Law, the top cases in support of that statement of law, a Citation Map for data visualization, or Related Points to expand your research.
  • Bloomberg BNA’s Headnotes provide insight and analysis on important cases in key practice areas.
  • The Smart CodeSM tab at the top of statutes and regulations takes you to cases that cite, discuss, and analyze the statute or regulation in question. Then use our Strength of Discussion filter to narrow your results to the cases with the most in-depth discussion of the statute, or filter your results by keyword, date, jurisdiction, or topic.
  • We know finding a court opinion is only half the battle, so Bloomberg Law makes it easy to verify that your cases remain good law with the Bloomberg Law CitatorSMBCite. BCite’s filters and options enable you to quickly review how other courts have treated your case and to find other legal materials that have cited your case.

Points of Law-Using AI to revolutionize case law research


AALL Award

Points of Law Screen

Bloomberg Law Dockets

With Bloomberg Law, research does not stop with court opinions. We make it easy to find relevant examples of litigation material that you may draft in practice — from complaints to motions.

  • Docket KeySM, our proprietary docket filing classification system, makes locating underlying filings easy, quick, and precise by targeting 20 categories, including motions, briefs, orders, and more.  This new technology guarantees access to the filings you are looking for instead of those that mention the keyword. 
  • Bloomberg Law’s Docket Search includes fields for court, keyword, judge, party name, party role, attorney or firm, and nature of suit (where applicable).
  • When you find dockets of interest, Bloomberg Law’s Docket Tracks, alerts you when new papers are filed.
  • With Bloomberg Law you'll enjoy access to unlimited Docket Alerts that notify you whenever new litigation matches your search criteria.  To add further power to Bloomberg Law Docket Alerts we enhance coverage in strategically selected courts with Breaking Complaints, our service that places researchers in courthouses to physically collect and expedite the delivery of complaints to you.
Docket Ket Screen Grab

Litigation Analytics

Bloomberg Law Litigation Analytics enables you to search millions of legal data points by company, law firm, attorney, or judge to better advise clients, predict possible outcomes, and inform your litigation strategy.  Litigation Analytics is built on a foundation of Bloomberg’s company information as well as legal data including Bloomberg Law’s comprehensive dockets and case law collections across all practice areas. Technology is leveraged to distill a data set of more than 3.5 million companies, 7,000 law firms, more than 100,000 attorneys, and all active federal district court judges so that you can easily visualize and derive meaning from this complex data.

Formulate your strategy.

Access active and federal district court judge data and better predict outcomes, timing and case costs by discovering how certain motions and appeals resolved and by assessing relationships between parties, law firms, and areas of law.

See the big picture.

Size up the competition, benchmark your firm or outside counsel, and identify opportunities by assessing litigation activity by practice area, volume of cases, and significant clients.  Gain insights on case distributions in specific practice areas with the ability to visualize data by Case Types.

Make informed decisions.

Understand the totality of client and prospect litigation portfolios by examining their outside counsel, involvement in certain case types, and choice of litigation venues.




Contributing Authors

At Bloomberg Law, we rely on the best professional minds to provide us with unique insights, which we incorporate into our products.

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