M&A Involving U.S. Targets Down From Record 2015, But Still Trending Upward

MandA Upward

Deal volume in the first half of 2016 lagged behind 2015’s record level, but exceeded the pace set in the first two quarters of 2012-2014.

Even though deal volume is lagging this year, the number of deals announced in the first two quarters of the 2016 is actually ahead of the pace set in 2015—a 20.2 percent increase over last year, according to data from announced mergers and acquisitions valued in excess of $100 million involving U.S. targets over the last four-and-a-half years pulled from our Bloomberg Law: Corporate Transactions platform.

Last year, of course, was a record year for M&A.  The market for U.S. targets alone totaled $2,510.2 billion in deal volume.

The upward trend in acquisitions of U.S. targets also continues.  Between 2012 and 2015, deal count increased 25.4 percent and deal volume increased 218.5 percent.

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