Malaysia: New Work Authorization Category Implemented

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By Rick Vollmar

July 28—Foreign employees working in Malaysia and earning between 2,500 ringgit ($650) and 5,000 ringgit ($1,300) a month can now qualify for a new work authorization category, the Employment Pass III, put into effect by the Expatriate Services Division July 15, according to a July 24 release from Houston-based immigration law firm Foster Global Immigration Solutions.

The new category is intended to accommodate foreign employees who do not meet the minimum monthly salary requirement of 5,000 ringgit to qualify for the regular Employment Pass. Employers wishing to employ workers under the new EPIII must obtain an exemption from the 5,000 ringgit requirement from the Ministry of Home Affairs and the approval of the relevant regulatory agency.

The EPIII is valid for an initial 12 months and may be renewed to a maximum 48 months. Dependents cannot accompany employees entering Malaysia under an EPIII authorization.

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