March 2018

Health Care Fraud Analytics

Available on the Health Care Practice Center, Health Care Fraud Analytics provides easy access to health care fraud settlement agreements and organizes key information in an easily digestible layout that lets users search and filter by allegation, court, entity type, and other key metrics. It also provides customizable graphical displays of trends in enforcement activity and outcomes that will help users mitigate risk and develop effective compliance strategies.

Health Care Fraud Analytics is the first of several practice-area-specific Enforcement Tracking & Analytics tools that will be released on Bloomberg Law in 2018.

State Chart Builder

A new 50-state chart builder covering Benefit Corporations is available on the Corporate Practice Center.  A benefit corporation is a new type of entity designed to address the needs of socially and environmentally conscious companies with respect to such issues as corporate purpose, accountability, and transparency.  Legislation authorizing benefit corporations has been developed in many states because existing laws cannot accommodate for-profit entities whose social and environmental purpose is central to their existence. The chart builder covers corporate purpose, the duties of directors and officers, annual reporting, and much more. The chart is available on the Corporate Practice Center home page and the Alternative Entities practice page.

Health Care

Corporate Compliance Practical Guidance
has been added to the Health Care Practice Center.  It is designed to help health care and life sciences entities establish effective compliance programs, as well as operate, assess, and improve existing programs.  The new content includes sample policies, annotated with drafting tips and best practices, from attorneys at Bradley Arant Boult Cummings.

Benefits & Executive Compensation

The Benefits and Executive Compensation Practice Center launched four new step-by-step practical guidance modules, including:

These modules help practitioners meet HIPAA and ERISA compliance requirements with respect to fiduciary, tax, and distribution matters.

The Benefits and Executive Compensation Practice Center also released two new step-by-step practical guidance modules to help practitioners meet IRS and ERISA compliance with respect to fiduciary and tax matters: Identifying Fiduciary Responsibilities and Designing a Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account.

Corporate Transactions

New Corporate Transactions Practical Guidance Going Private – providing step-by-step guidance on taking a public company private – has been added to Corporate Transactions and to the Corporate Practice Center.  This new collection is included with Bloomberg Law’s Private M&A and Private Equity Suites.

In Focus: Challenge to Post-Grant Proceedings at the Supreme Court

In Focus: Challenge to Post-Grant Proceedings at the Supreme Court (Oil States Energy Svcs, LLC v. Greene's Energy Group, LLC, U.S., No. 16-712, oral argument 11/27/17)
has been added to the Patents & Trade Secrets Practice Center.  At issue in Oil States is whether the inter partes review procedure established by the America Invents Act violates the U.S. Constitution by allowing private property rights to be terminated through a non-Article III forum without a jury. Oil States Energy LLC contends that only a court can extinguish patent rights.  The In Focus practice page is available on both the Patents & Trade Secrets home page and the Post-Grant practice page.  Of great interest to law firms and corporations involved in PTAB.

Patent challenges, the In Focus practice page includes in-depth background, news, and analysis of the topic.

In Focus: Broadband Privacy

The 2017 repeal of Federal Communications Commission regulations that would have increased broadband customer control over personal information has resulted in more than a dozen states considering restrictions on internet service providers' use of customer personal data. In Focus: Broadband Policy on the Tech & Telecom Practice Center tracks federal and state laws, litigation, news, and other resources relating to this hot-button issue.

Labor & Employment Practice Center

New forms and checklists have been added to the Labor & Employment Practice Center including 16 model forms and five federal law compliance checklists contributed by outside attorneys including Isabel A. Crosby and Breegan M. O’Connor of DLA Piper; David S. Fortney, co-founder of Fortney & Scott; and Joy Chin, Chris Patrick and Megan Holstein, principals at Jackson Lewis, P.C.  Among the model forms for use by employers and outside counsel are an independent contractor agreement, an electronic communications device policy acknowledgment, an overtime request and authorization, and a lactation accommodation request. The checklists address affirmative action and nondiscrimination requirements for federal contractors, conducting a pay equity analysis, best practices for handling employee leave requests, wage and hour self-audits, and the white-collar exemption under the Fair Labor Standards Act.

Bloomberg Law's new State/Local Salary History Provisions Chart allows subscribers to keep track of trending laws restricting pay history inquiries. The laws, which started taking hold in 2016, aim to address pay equity by prohibiting employers from asking job applicants how much they earned in previous jobs. The new chart tracks state and local salary history provisions and provides information on states that have prohibited cities from enacting such laws.

Benefits & Executive Compensation Practice Center

The Cross Reference Chart of ERISA and the U.S. Code on the Benefits and Executive Compensation Practice Center has been enhanced to reflect corresponding DOL regulations, IRS regulations, and Internal Revenue Code sections.


Health Care Enhanced News, available on the Health Care Practice Center, combines 12 existing BNA Law Reports into two news products – Health Law & Business News and Pharma & Life Sciences News – without compromising comprehensive coverage. 

  • The enhanced Health Law & Business News includes all the coverage previously available from the following publications: Health Law Reporter™, Health Care Daily Report™, Health Care Policy Report™, Medicare Report™, Health Insurance Report™, Health Care Fraud Report™, and Health IT Law & Industry Report™.

  • The enhanced Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences News includes all the coverage previously available from the following publications:  Pharmaceutical Law & Industry Report®, Life Sciences Law & Industry Report™, Medical Research Law & Policy Report®, Medical Devices Law & Industry Report™, and BioTech Watch™.

Health Care Enhanced News includes real-time news coverage and news customization and alert functionality to meet unique user needs.  A list of Frequently Asked Questions about Health Care Enhanced News is available here.


Portfolio 112, Technology and Outsourcing
, has been added to the Corporate Practice Portfolio Series.  The new portfolio covers the scope, negotiation, and implementation of outsourcing contracts; the use of technology solutions; and guidelines for reviewing outsourcing and technology contracts. The portfolio authors include attorneys from McDermott, Will & Emery who are experts in complex transactions involving telecommunications, information technology, IP, technology development, and cloud computing.  This portfolio is also included as Portfolio 555 in the Privacy & Data Security Practice Portfolio Series.

Portfolio 111, Ratifying Defective Corporate Acts at Common Law and by Statute, has been added to the Corporate Practice Portfolio Series.  The new portfolio explores the Delaware law approach to rectifying mistakes made in corporate governance and formalities. Sections 204 and 205 of the Delaware General Corporation Law provide mechanisms for a corporation to unilaterally ratify defective corporate acts or to seek relief from the Delaware Court of Chancery to validate any corporate act under certain circumstances. The portfolio's authors include Delaware law experts from Young Conaway Stargatt & Taylor, LLP. 


Bloomberg Law has added two new Bloomberg BNA titles:

Mergers and Acquisitions of Privately Held Companies: Analysis, Forms, and Agreements

Corporate Settlement Tools: DPAs, NPAs, and Cooperation Agreements


Bloomberg Law has introduced enhancements to secondary content searching, including:

  • Suggested search: from the GO BAR, including quotation marks around a book title will generate suggestions for the publication’s name; for example, an entry "Restatement of Contracts" will generate a suggestion for: American Law Institute (ALI) - Restatement (Second) of Contracts.

  • Updated Reference Materials search: providing for a search across all books content (manuals, portfolios, books & treatises).  An additional enhancement allows users to search across the full text of content, as well as over book and, or chapter titles

  • Exposure of the source tree in the search form: allowing users to browse through the entire reference collection.

The enhanced Reference Materials search is a significant improvement, allowing users to search over all Bloomberg Law book content (books & treatises, portfolios, and manuals) in one search.  Previously, each content type had to be searched separately.  Search by book or chapter title provides additional search options.  Exposing the source tree in the search form provides context, and insight into content organization.