Mark Zyla Esq.

Mark L. Zyla, CPA/ABV, CFA, ASA, provides valuation consulting for various types of entities for the purposes of mergers and acquisitions, financial reporting, tax planning, and corporate recapitalizations, as well as valuing various types of intellectual property and other intangible assets. Mr. Zyla is a member of the American Society of Appraisers (“ASA”), the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (“AICPA”), the CFA Institute, and the Atlanta Society of Financial Analysts. He is a former member of the Business Valuations Committee of the AICPA and a current Chairman of the ABV Examination Committee of the AICPA. He is also a current member of the Business Valuation Standards Subcommittee of the ASA. He is also a member of the Atlanta Venture Forum, a professional organization of the venture capital community. He is one of the authors of the International Glossary of Business Valuation Terms which has been adopted by the major valuation organizations. Mr. Zyla co-authored Valuation for Financial Reporting: Intangible Assets, Goodwill and Impairment Analysis, SFAS 141 and 142, published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc. He also co-authored the course, “Valuing Goodwill and Other Intangible Assets,” published by the AICPA.